Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria: what we know about the fifth day

The death toll exceeded 22,000. The rescue teams allowed people to be pulled alive from the rubble.

  • The total death toll from the February 6 earthquake was 22,765. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said 77,711 people were injured. The number of victims in neighboring Syria to 3,377.
  • Erdogan said the Turkish government’s response to the earthquake in southern Turkey was not as quick as the government would have liked.
  • The leader of Syria’s White Helmets accused the UN of not providing enough humanitarian aid to rebel-held areas, called the UN’s response ‘devastating’, and apologized to the Syrian people for not helping. “
  • Syrian state media announced on Friday that the Syrian government has agreed to send humanitarian aid to the front lines of the 12-year-old civil war. and w Crescent.
  • The Turkish Maritime Authority has announced that the fire in the Turkish port of Iskenderun has been extinguished and that maritime operations in this area have resumed.

Earthquake Turkey-Syria: thousands of people offer to adapt from the rubble

Earthquake Turkey-Syria: thousands of people offer to adapt from the rubble

Thousands of people put their babies up for adoption amid the rubble of collapsed buildings in northern Syria after Monday’s earthquake.

The rescued little Aya, which means miracle in Arabic, is still tied to her mother’s navel.

His mother, father, and four siblings died after the Jindairi earthquake.

Is he in the hospital now?

“He came on Monday in the worst condition, swollen, bruised, cold, and having difficulty breathing,” said Hani Marouf, a pediatrician.

The present is in the stable.

A video of Aya’s rescue is circulating on social media. The released video shows a man running through the rubble of a collapsed building with a dusty boy in his arms.

Khalil al-Sawadi, a distant relative who was freed at the time, delivered the baby to Dr. Khalil al-Sawadi in the Syrian city of Afrin. He made the most famous

Thousands of people are now taking to social media to request adoption details. Fama adopted his grandfather.

A Kuwaiti TV reporter said: “If the legal reasons are favorable, I am ready to take this child and adopt him.”

Earthquake in Turkey and Syria: seismologists explain what happened

Earthquake in Turkey and Syria: seismologists explain what happened

A very powerful earthquake shook southeastern Turkey near the border with Syria. According to data from a seismograph that measures ground movements with seismic waves, the magnitude of the earthquake early in the morning on February 6 was 7.8, or a tenth of the current magnitude. The seismic waves were picked up by sensors around the world including the UK (you can see them spreading across Europe).

These tremors, caused by the transfer of energy to or from the epicenter, had serious consequences for people living nearby, and fires from damaged pipes were reported.

At midday, a second very strong earthquake measuring 7.5 on the Richter scale shook central Turkey.

why is this happening here in Turkey and Syria

why is this happening here in Turkey and Syria

This region of Turkey is prone to earthquakes as it lies at the confluence of the three plates that make up the Earth’s crust: the Anatolian, Arabian, and African plates. Arabia is moving north towards Europe, pushing west the Anatolian Plate on which Turkey rests.

The movement of tectonic plates increases the pressure on the fault zones at the edges. This sudden release of pressure causes earthquakes and vibrations.

This latest earthquake may have occurred at one of the major faults that mark the boundary between the Anatolian and Arabian plates, the East Anatolian Fault or the Dead Sea Transform Fault. Both are “shear failures” meaning plates run over each other.

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