Today, Google Doodle celebrates its 25th birthday.

Google Doodle commemorates its 25th birthday today with a special Doodle. Google is perpetually focused on the future but birthdays provide an opportunity for reflection. 

Google’s beginnings 25 years ago

Doctoral students Sergey Brin and Larry Page met while pursuing Stanford University’s computer science program in the late 1990s. They discovered that both of them had a shared vision and that was to enhance the accessibility of the World Wide Web. Both of them worked tirelessly from their dorm rooms and crafted a prototype for a better search engine. As progress on the project mounted, they relocated their operation to Google’s first office which was a rented garage. Google Inc. was officially founded on September 27, 1998.

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Since that day in 1998, much has evolved including Google’s logo, as evident in today’s Doodle. However, the mission has steadfastly remained the same that is to organise the world’s information and ensure its universal accessibility and utility. Today, billions of people across the globe rely on Google to search, connect, work, play and for many more things. This doodle will be visible across the globe except for a few regions including Russia.

In the last doodle released on September 25, South African jazz pianist, composer, and journalist Todd Matshikiza was celebrated. Illustrated by South Africa-based guest artist Keith Vlahakis, the Doodle commemorated his commissioned cantata “Uxolo” (peace), which was played by the orchestra at the 70th Johannesburg Festival on September 25, 1956.

As a composer, Matshikiza is renowned for his song “Quickly in Love,” featured in the 2013 film “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.” He also composed the score for two theatrical productions, “King Kong” and “Mkhumbane.” “King Kong,” an all-Black jazz musical that premiered in 1958, became a sensation, and even made its way to London. “Mkhumbane” (1960), featuring compositions by Matshikiza and Alan Paton was equally famous.

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