The UK deep freeze recalls the winter of 1963 when the snow lasted until March | Snow | Daily News Byte


LLast week’s deep freeze was mercifully short-lived. It brought back memories of 1962-63, when there was snow from Boxing Day to mid-March. It was cold before Christmas but in the last week of 1962 it started to snow and runoff about six meters deep in the West Country. City centers also had 15cm of snow, which turned to slush, and when temperatures dropped, ruts froze solid, bringing traffic to a standstill.

Sussex and Kent received the heaviest snowfall. In Ashdown Forest in Sussex, even the deepest ditch was completely filled by snow drifts. Bus services on all routes except the city center were suspended for two months as most of the roads were impassable.

A long walk from work in mid-February allowed frequent refuge in a warm pub along the way, where the conversation was inevitably about the weather – but on this occasion the landlord was betting how long the deepest snow would last. . The longest day, 20 June, was set aside for an expedition to settle the stake.

The first frost-free day was March 6, 1963. The thaw brought the flood. However, some snow lingered in May in Sussex but was all gone by June.


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