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Tata Power- DDL wins Platinum Award

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Tata Power Delhi Distribution (Tata Power-DDL), a leading utility provider has received the prestigious Platinum Award for implementing best practices in the field of occupational health, safety and security. The 13th award was givenTh Beyond the Occupational Health, Safety and Security Awards, organized by the Foundation for Sustainable Development. This event brought together experts from various industries to discuss important aspects of security, safety, risk management, and cyber security to create a secure industry environment.

The discom’s mission is to ensure the safety of employees, the public, society, and the community. It has successfully established a comprehensive system for occupational health and safety. , environment and disaster management (SHE & DM), housing, and education.

Announced through a thorough audit, the Tata Power – DDL practice has received this recognition. The award was presented to the representative of Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited by Sh. Subhash Desai, Hon’ble Minister of Social Welfare, Water Navigation, Archives and Archaeology, Government of Goa, at the award ceremony.

Tata Power-DDL is consistent in improving environmental, occupational and safety management systems to protect natural resources and eliminate/reduce occupational health hazards and safety risks.


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