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People are angry at UK supermarkets after finding rotten turkeys on Christmas Day. People bought a ready-to-eat turkey at Christmas from the supermarket only to find the turkey rotten inside. People have taken to Twitter to express their anger as supermarkets ruin their Christmas.

One Twitter user said he bought a turkey from Sainsbury’s less than five hours ago, opened it to soak overnight and found the turkey smelled bad. Another Twitter user said she had complained to Tesco that they would not be eating turkey this Christmas because the one they bought from the store was so rotten that her husband had to throw it away.

The number of rotten turkeys delivered to consumers by stores has increased significantly. People have shared pictures of rotting turkeys on Twitter. However, there have also been several fake tweets where people have used old photos from previous years to claim that this is the turkey they got this year.

Superstore management has responded to these claims in the press and on social media. A Tesco spokesperson said the company is deeply saddened to hear about people’s ordeal and is taking necessary steps to address the issues. He added that he knows turkey is an integral part of the feast for many of his customers and the company takes great care in selecting and preparing the turkey. He urged customers to return the turkeys to the store so the issue can be investigated and full refunds can be initiated.

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A Sainsbury’s spokesperson also addressed the issue, saying they understand many of their customers enjoy turkey at Christmas, and the company is sorry for not meeting the expectations of a small number of customers. He said the company takes great care when selecting and preparing the turkey. He further stated that the company is very sorry that some customers had to face the problem and urged the customers to return the turkey to the store and claim a full refund. The spokesperson added that the company has started an investigation into the matter.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the average price of a turkey in the UK?
    The average price of a turkey in the UK is £46.83.
  2. How many turkeys are consumed each Christmas in the UK?
    Around 10 million turkeys are consumed each Christmas in the UK.

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