Pub-crawling Santas get an armored vehicle stuck in a Cornish hedge | Cornwall | Daily News Byte


A vintage armored vehicle full of Santas had to be freed by police after it got stuck in a Cornish lane.

The Santas, who were believed to be on a pub crawl, became wedged in a hedge at Marsh Lane, near Hale.

Devon and Cornwall Police were called at around 7.40pm on Thursday after reports of damage to a vehicle. No one was arrested.

Ian Jepson, who shot video footage of the Santa Jam, said the lane was blocked for about two hours.

He said the Santas were on their annual pub crawl. “They passed me singing and stuck us behind where the lane narrowed.

“They were jammed in pretty tight but it said no parking. It was so funny as they tried to free themselves.

Footage shows Santas struggling to maneuver their old army vehicle through narrow streets as onlookers scold them for attempting the manoeuvre.

Several people took to social media to try to get to Angarek to enjoy the village’s Christmas lights.

“Well, that was eventful,” commented one woman.

“An army tank, yes a real army tank, driven by a bunch of drunk Santas trying to get to a pub in Angarek who got stuck on the road.”

Another person joked: “I’ve seen everything now. A tank driven by several saints tried to enter Angarek, got wedged and stopped entering the village.

Many people posted videos of the scene, which showed the tank smashing into the back of a parked car.

“That’s why we couldn’t drive in Angarek,” one person commented, while another replied: “We were there when the police came and they closed the road after a while. You never guessed that this was the reason.

Other towns on the west coast of Cornwall, including St Ives and Helston, also saw Santas earlier in the day thanksgiving.

Lisa Chard, who filmed the group in St Ives, said: “There was a group of Santas in the tank and they were all very friendly and full of Christmas cheer.”


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