Messari Co-Founder and CEO Ryan Selkis Releases 2023 Theses | Daily News Byte

Messari Co-Founder and CEO Ryan Selkis Releases 2023 Theses

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The sixth annual report highlights its predictions and insights for crypto upcoming industry year.

NEW YORK, December 22, 2022 /PRNevsvire/ — Messarileading provider crypto of market intelligence products, today announced the hiring of its co-founder and CEO Ryan Selkis Sixth Annual Messari Theses 2023 The report predicts that 2023 will be the year for crypto to further prove its resilience and progress both technologically and politically, despite the setbacks it experienced in 2022.

In addition to highlighting key narratives and people to watch, the report focuses on:

  • What’s left amid the wreckage of CeFi: It was a classic credit boom and bust, with a crypto twist. This year, many of the industry’s problems stemmed from an overreliance on unsustainable DeFi returns and synthetic trades, poor risk management, and complex bad stakes. It is time for some individuals and projects to step up to bring us back from the brink.

  • 2023 could be transformational in the sense of permanent crypto the law: In the coming year, the industry should expect clarity on exchange oversight and stablecoin regulation by law, not regulatory conflicts. Progress should be made in setting standards for disclosure and consumer protection.

  • Bitcoin and stablecoin infrastructure remains extremely important: Bitcoin has proven its durability and will continue to serve as a powerful check on absolute sovereign authority. Its role as a usable currency is still questionable, so building it is crucial stablecoin infrastructure (right path) in parallel.

  • Significance of Ethereum and layer 1: The Ethereum The merger was a major turning point for cryptoand Vitalik and the Ethereum The main team deserves high praise. Additionally Ethereum making technical feats, as the alternate ecosystems of “Layer-1” have been developing at warp speed, we can expect them to continue to advance in the coming year.

  • DeFi’s headwinds are still very real: For DeFi to thrive, it’s time for security standards and audits. Disclaimer of Risk. Comprehensive community discoveries. And apps that work beyond the speculative teaser prices. It’s time to make more apps work for everyday users and find use cases that make us proud.

  • Potential of NFT and DeSoc space: The NFT space experienced a hangover this year after reaching the heights of euphoria in 2021; however, we should still be on the lookout for NFT infrastructure opportunities next year.

  • Hardware, infrastructure and management tools that will be key: The industry consistently strives to build crypto sustainable. Building a better Fintech 3.0 will come down to hardware tools, wallets, browsers, secure data channels and new governance primitives and social contracts.

“This report reflects the incredible work our research team has done tracking the industry throughout the chaotic year, and its core explains why my 10-year thesis on crypto remains unchanged,” he said Ryan Selkis, Messari’s co-founder and CEO. “Too many bad actors have stolen the spotlight in 2022, but there are still projects and people doing critical work to move our industry forward.” It’s time to refocus on those people and innovation.”

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