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To pursue my higher education, my reasons for choosing the UK were undoubtedly the high-quality education, the revolutionary teaching style, the multicultural classroom, and the year-round Master’s program. This means faster results and outcomes and is significantly less expensive than 2-year programs in other countries. This came after spending a lot of time on research.

MBA from UK increases job opportunities

After working in a technical profile for almost a decade, I wanted to hone my management skills, which were really important for my career development and hence I decided to do my MBA from the University of Essex. The MBA tutors have both academic and extensive private sector experience and thus the program provided a fantastic mix of academic research and practical experience, particularly my consulting project with BT.

The best part about my program was talking to CEOs, business consultants, and other leaders who had accomplished significant things before or were about to do so. Their practical experiences and lessons are more informative when shared than what can be understood by reading from a book. The MBA program definitely increased my job opportunities not only in India or UK but worldwide. I was in contact with companies based in Germany, Romania, Dubai, Ireland etc.

‘Applied for positions outside my comfort zone’

As I was aiming for project manager and business consultant roles, I applied for numerous positions outside my comfort zone in various other industries and my experience was amazing. Although there is no such thing as an easy life abroad, a clear vision and goal always helps. Like every other international student, my journey was full of challenges and experiences, but what really helped me was that I never gave up. I focused on ongoing development of interview techniques, job research strategies, and resume writing.

It always helps if students are clear about their goals and what they want to achieve by studying in the UK. I know that while part-time work is necessary, studies should take priority. Try not to lose interest in your studies and keep yourself motivated. For a better understanding of the requirements, students should start their career research from Day 1. Try not to plan too much and keep yourself open to dealing with what you actually feel.

I received two scholarships from the university, one of which was a 40% fee discount after my interview with the MBA director. I had an hour-long online session with the MBA director, where we discussed many things like my background, future plans, long-term goals, etc. and it was also my chance to know more about the program and the university.

While I was well prepared to begin my higher education journey in the UK, the university supported me at every step of my student journey, and I was able to achieve my goals.

The author graduated with MBA from University of Essex, UK in 2021 and is now a Technical Solutions Specialist at KIGEB UK Ltd.

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