India’s tallest tower will be built in Mumbai by a UK-based firm | Daily News Byte


India’s tallest skyscraper in Mumbai will be built by United Kingdom-based SRAM and MRAM Group.

The 110-storey mixed-use building will be built in the Parel-Saveri neighborhood of the city.

This grand project was designed by architect Venkat Pillai of Venkat Pillai Design Studio.

The skyscraper will have offices, stores, a mall, a 50-room hotel, a 50-bed hospital for special care and serviced apartments. The tower will also include a gym, heated swimming pool, entertainment center, 50-seat movie theater and dining space, according to the company.

“Giving cities and countries a taste of something new is what we always want. We take pride in our team and add uniqueness to the structures we build. We look forward to bringing life to the tallest building in the country,” Guruji Kumaran Swami, Vice President, SRAM and MRAM Group said, reports Economic Times (ET).

“This will not only be an accolade for what we have done so far but a personal victory for our various teams and founding members who envisioned reaching this pinnacle of success to give the country a first-of-its-kind structure. We are excited. To say so is an understatement,” said SRAM. And MRAM Group Director Raghav Kapoor said, added the ET report.


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