How Many Mangoes Did Kejriwal, a Diabetic, Eat? Delhi CM vs. Tihar Jail in Court

How Many Mangoes Did Diabetic Kejriwal Eat? Tihar Jail Vs Delhi CM In Court

“Just 3 mangoes in 48 meals. Had aloo puri once and that was the prashad of Navratra,” said Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi’s Rouse Avenue Court on Friday. His arguments came during the hearing of his petition asking authorities to provide him insulin in Tihar jail, where he is currently lodged.

In addition to this, Kejriwal also sought permission to consult his doctor through video conferencing daily for 15 minutes. His permission to consult his doctor daily came in response to his acute diabetes and fluctuating blood sugar levels.

The chief minister’s argued his case in court a day after the Enforcement Directorate accused him of deliberately eating food high in sugar, like mangoes and sweets, every day despite having Type 2 diabetes, so as to create grounds for medical bail.

“Arvind Kejriwal is consciously consuming items like tea with sugar, banana, sweets, puri, aloo sabji, etc, on a regular basis despite being a patient of diabetes mellitus type II and knowing very well that consumption of such items results in an increase in blood sugar,” the counsel representing the ED said on Thursday.


In response to Kejriwal’s plea, Tihar Jail authorities informed the court that a report regarding his health and diet would be handed over shortly to the court. The jail counsel further told the court that the prescription said the AAP convener is off insulin, in fact for years now. “When he met the doctor there, he himself said that,” the counsel added.

Reacting to the arguments, the court allowed Tihar Jail to submit its response by Saturday (April 20). The order has been reserved for Monday, the court informed ED and Tihar Jail.

“We moved a petition requesting the court to allow [Mr] Kejriwal to consult his doctor, who has been treating him for many years. But, that request was opposed by the jail superintendent through a lawyer; even the ED opposed it and the matter has been fixed for Monday for orders. They (the jail authorities) will submit a reply tomorrow (April 20). He (Arvind Kejriwal) received food 48 times in the jail, and only three times there was a small mango in a container. But, they are trying to make it an issue…” Kejriwal’s lawyer in the liquor policy case, Ramesh Gupta told news agency ANI.

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