Haitian actors must agree on way forward to address insecurity, humanitarian and economic crisis: UK statement at UN Security Council | Daily News Byte


Thank you to the President and our briefers — including the new 2653 Committee Chair — for their first update. I also welcome the Foreign Ministers of Haiti and the Dominican Republic and the Permanent Representative of Canada.

President, the United Kingdom is deeply concerned by the dire humanitarian situation in Haiti, which is plagued by chronic insecurity and political turmoil.

As we clearly heard today from DSG and SRSG La Lime, the actions of armed gangs have displaced thousands of people, limited movement of people and goods, and denied citizens access to medical services during a cholera resurgence.

The United Kingdom is convinced that the perpetrators and sponsors of gang violence must be held accountable and denied the potential for further instability and suffering.

We are therefore pleased to see progress on sanctions, which are vital to combating criminal behaviour. These sanctions are a necessary tool to break the cycle of criminal violence that has so devastatingly affected the Haitian people.

However, sanctions alone will not work. The international community should therefore seriously consider any request for assistance from the Haitian government and society, including security.

This should support and empower Haitian efforts to improve the security situation on the ground to create the conditions for elections, so that the Haitian people can choose their next government.

The United Kingdom continues to support actions that move Haiti closer to safety and stability, with a return to democratic processes as soon as possible.

So we welcome signs of movement towards resolving the political mess. But there must now be a determined effort to reach a political consensus. An urgent path is needed to address the insecurity, humanitarian and economic crisis and avoid further deterioration of the situation.

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