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New Delhi: The national capital’s peak power demand this winter is likely to rise to a record 5,500 MW, which will be an all-season high, according to sources. State Load Despatch Center Information.
He said that the peak power demand in 2020 is 5,104 MW and 5,021 MW in 2020. discom official. In 2019-2020, it reached 5,343 megawatts, the highest level in the city’s history during winter, he said.
Discom officials said that the increased power demand indicates an increase in the use of generators. Heat in the room and water pump in the house as soon as the temperature drops.


Power demand reached 4,110 megawatts on Tuesday, the highest level this winter. It is likely to increase in the coming days as the mercury is set to drop further in the next six days. The lowest average night temperature – 6.3°C with a limit of 2 degrees. The temperature is expected to drop by about 5 degrees by December 23, according to the IMD. The highest temperature was 23.2 degrees Celsius on Monday, and it is likely to drop to 20 degrees Celsius on December 25.
Discoms provide power to about 58 million consumers, estimated at nearly 2 crore.
Peak power demand is expected to reach 2,289 MW for BRPL and 1,159 MW for BYPL. a BSES Officials said the discoms are to ensure that there is enough power for consumers in winter. BSES discoms will also bank surplus power with other states that need additional power during the season, which will be available in summer. While BRPL will bank up to 415 MW with states like Himachal Pradesh, Goa, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, BYPL is expected to bank up to 300 MW with Meghalaya, Maharashtra, TN and Kerala.
BSES has long-term agreements with power plants, including hydro- and gas generating stations of Delhi, for the winter. In addition, 840 megawatts of solar power from Solar Energy Corporation of India, 439 megawatts of wind power and 25 megawatts of waste-to-energy are also available. It is also supported by more than 127 megawatts of solar power installed on rooftops in South, West, East and Central Delhi. In case of disruption, BSES discoms will buy short-term power from exchanges, which are available at economical rates.
Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limitedwhich also supplies electricity to parts of Delhi said, “We met the peak power demand of 1,385 megawatts on Tuesday morning with no network or power grid constraints.”


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