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A change in smell is known as hyposmia. This particular feature of covid was very prevalent during the pandemic. It has now been added to the top 10 warning sign list in the UK.

Covid infection is increasing in England at this time. It has crossed one million in the last two months.

1.3 million people living in private homes in the UK have tested positive for coronavirus. However, this is a 16% increase from the previous week. That is still significantly below the levels seen earlier this year.

The ZOE Health Study continues to monitor the most common Covid symptoms and how they are evolving as cases increase.

Based on the most recent data for the 30 days before December 5, the 10th most frequent symptom of the virus is an altered sense of smell.

Sore throat is another common symptom after cold and cough. Muscle pain is also associated with it.

Anorexia, shortness of breath and fever are now less common. The symptom list was created using editor reports that contributed to the app and does not include any demographic data or consideration of variation caused by the illness.

That’s when more people are interacting indoors, which may be causing the recent spike in illnesses, and other winter viruses like the flu are spreading more widely.

The coronavirus was the primary cause of illness and hospitalization in 2020 and 2021, but other viruses are becoming more common this winter.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Where is anosmia on the list of symptoms?
    Anosmia ranks 14th in the list of symptoms.
  2. Which places in the UK are experiencing the most infections?
    Wales and Scotland are experiencing the highest number of infections.

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