Australia VS Netherlands Cricket World Cup 2023 – live

Australia VS Netherlands Cricket World Cup 2023 – live

4 Min Ago

37th over: Australia 249-3 (Warner 96, Inglis 5) Josh Inglis comes out at No 5 and he gets into his work quickly, pulling a de Leede bumper for four with excellent control. A single from the final deliver denies Warner the strike and the opportunity to bring up his ton. Warner has now faced just 87 of his side’s 222 deliveries.

36th over: Australia 244-2 (Warner 96, Labuschagne 62) Edwards makes the latest of myriad bowling changes this innings, recalling Dutt. Labuschagne responds by becoming the first Australian to leave his crease all afternoon, coming down the track and spanking a mighty straight six. He follows that up with a deft paddle sweep for four. Australia’s run-rate will soon climb over 7 rpo for the first time today.

35th over: Australia 231-2 (Warner 95, Labuschagne 50) Labuschagne brings up his half-century with a single, after a hard-run two to start the over. De Leede then bowls full and straight to Warner, keeping him scoreless.

34th over: Australia 228-2 (Warner 95, Labuschagne 47) Labuschagne is starting to work through the gears after bedding in. A flat sweep just clears the boundary for six, then two very fine glances run away for four – one to fine leg, the other just wide of the wicket-keeper on the off-side. For the second over in a row Labuschagne farms the strike with a single, which made me check some stats. There have been 204 legal deliveries today, of which Warner has only faced 81. I wonder if this has been accidental or by design?

33rd over: Australia 213-2 (Warner 95, Labuschagne 32) De Leede comes back for his second spell after proving costly earlier, and he begins by inviting Warner to pound a half-volley through the covers. He’s then unfortunate to see a good delivery edged to third for four by Labuschagne. There was a suggestion it could have hit the Australian’s pad, not bat, so Edwards invites the third umpire to take a closer look. THE REVIEW reveals a very clear and very crucial edge.

32nd over: Australia 203-2 (Warner 90, Labuschagne 27) Van der Merwe comes back into the attack. Australia show plenty of intent against his left-arm spin but yet again find a well-set field and dynamic Dutchmen in their way.

31st over: Australia 199-2 (Warner 88, Labuschagne 26) Since the mayhem of half-an-hour or so ago it’s all felt a bit middle-overs, with rhythmless action and a distracted crowd. But Labuschagne’s wristy pull off van Meekeren deserves everyone’s full attention. That was a textbook boundary.

“While I agree that Smith’s petulance is highly irritating,” begins John Starbuck, “you have to look at it in the round. Come the day when he’s on the chat show and after-dinner circuit he’ll be known as ‘a character’ because of such traits. How many fearsome players have you heard of who didn’t appear to revel in their reputation, once they retired?” Just as long as his booking doesn’t include him singing and playing the guitar.

30th over: Australia 192-2 (Warner 87, Labuschagne 21) Labuschagne eats up a couple of dots before punching Dutt away for a single. A TV graphic indicates its been 20 minutes since the last boundary. Maybe the Australian saw it, because he extends his arms and sweeps powerfully for four immediately afterwards – the first proactive stroke for a while.

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