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YouTube Music lets you build your own radio station

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The algorithm is the real DJ

Radio on the music program. We are a silly little anachronism, just like the audience. A group that we are not personally familiar with keeps certain songs that we listen to based on a small area of ​​interest – a genre, an artist, an album, or a specific song. Boom! It’s a magical radio. YouTube Music, however, will soon give you a way to add some more ingredients to create a radio stew.


A new feature called “Make a radio” has been announced to some users – a home-to-action calling card is the main image for them.

As they do during the initial installation, users choose from a variety of artists to install in their server, then advance to a screen where they can choose whether Their combination is known as visible, invisible, or both, and where. few for deep cuts, thoughts, and other scents. Then a playlist is created.

Although u/notjhoan and a few others found this feature message on the r/YoutubeMusic subreddit, it seems that users are unable to add the playlist to their library. The inclusion of Mäneskin’s “Beggin'” in a radio station filled with K-Pop artists … was a choice. Also, as our local colleagues at 9to5Google have pointed out, getting the artist name listed is a bit of a challenge to say the least. too – note to the devs at Google: fix a title field in the action. process, please. Thank you.

Of course, the features in A/B testing are not always complete. That said, Spotify has toyed with this idea as a lark for a while, so YouTube Music might want to put the brakes on here.


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