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Why The Ford GT Mk IV Is The Perfect Way To Say Goodbye To An Icon

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The time came eventually, but the Ford The GT is about to bow out of Ford’s lineup. The GT in its second generation has been part of the Ford range since 2016, and is of course a nod back to the glory days of the Le Mans conquering Ford GT40. Over the course of 2022, Ford is preparing to say goodbye to a supercar which has become modern, as well as all time, classic.

We thought it was all over when Ford revealed the GT LM Edition in early October. Although this will be the final version of the GT. Since the beginning of December, Ford has taken the covers off the Ford GT Mk IV. This is the ultimate, final curtain-call for the Ford GT, offering a track-focussed final iteration of their fabled supercar, which also returns to the namesake race car from 1967, and will be the last track-only Ford GT. that Ford ever made. If there was a perfect way to say goodbye to a car, this Ford GT is it.

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What Makes the Last Ford GT Tick?

2023 Ford GT Mk IV Side View
by Ford

Of course, the headline details around this Ford GT are what’s under the hood, and what this truly astonishing piece of engineering is worth. First, let’s discuss what’s under the hood. Powering the Ford GT Mk IV is a unique twin-turbo EcoBoost engine. However, it’s a larger-displacement than the 3.5-liter V6 in the road-going car, and Ford actually didn’t mention what the engine was in terms of the V number in its press release. So, a V8 for one final fling, perhaps?

Either way, this special EcoBoost engine has also been tuned to produce 800 hp in total, compared to the road-going version’s 660 hp. That’s still big, but a jump of 140 hp is no small leap. This certainly makes this special edition GT incredibly spicy, meaning those behind the wheel will have to be very careful when it comes to how they handle this beast. While power is certainly a big number, there’s also the cost of this pretty good machine.

The Ford GT Mk IV Has a Big Price Tag for a Great Car

2023 Ford GT Mk IV Front View
by Ford

If you want to get your hands on this car, you have to go through a new client application process. Worried about being able to afford it? Don’t worry, this track-only Ford GT costs just $1.7 million. Yes, that’s a lot of money, but Ford will no doubt sell them very quickly, and they are great feats of engineering. The company will build 67 examples of the GT Mk IV, a nod to its Le Mans-winning successor from 1967. Another perfect way to celebrate the car’s heritage.

To aid in the pursuit of on-track performance, the GT has a racing transmission to go along with this unique EcoBoost engine. Ford also gave its latest GT a new chassis, lengthening the supercar’s wheelbase to improve its handling for the racetrack. On top of those features, Multimatic’s Adaptive Spool Valve or ASV suspension is present on the GT Mk IV, and the bodywork has been reworked for better aerodynamic performance. Since Ford engineers did not have to comply with any road car regulations, this gave them more freedom during the development of the car to create the ultimate GT.

Styling Fit For A Farewell Ford GT

2023 Ford GT Mk IV Rear Quarter View Top Down
by Ford

All this extra flair and power is well and good, as long as the Ford GT Mk IV looks befitting of a GT swansong. Fortunately, it does. The headlights are now simplified, while the absence of side mirrors adds a seamless flow throughout the car. The body of the GT Mk IV is wider, with extreme aero on display. The giant rear wing and diffuser are a bit feature too, as are the side air intakes and the carbon fiber roof scoop. The front canards and large splitter are more noticeable aerodynamic features.

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The Last Fling For A Blue Oval Icon

2023 Ford GT Mk IV Front Quarter View Wider Angle
by Ford

The Ford GT is an absolute icon of the Ford range. The Blue Oval has delivered a fantastic machine for the past six years, but we all know its time will come. But it has become a modern classic. It won Le Mans in 2016, and perfectly pays homage to the original GT40 and nicely picks up where the last Ford GT supercar left off. None of us want to see this incredible car disappear from Ford’s lineup. But if it has to say goodbye, we think the Ford GT Mk IV is the perfect way for this modern icon to bow out in style.

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