White Christmas forecast for parts of Scotland | UK weather | Daily News Byte


The Scottish Highlands could be in for a white Christmas, forecasters have said.

The Met Office has a yellow warning for most mountainous areas and some low-lying areas from 9pm on Christmas Day until 6pm on Boxing Day.

“Frequent flurries of snow are likely to cause some travel disruption on higher routes,” the service said, adding that 10cm (four inches) of snow was expected to fall on higher ground.

The condition may also cause power cuts and temperatures may drop to 1C on Sunday.

Downpours are forecast for many other parts of the UK over the weekend.

The Environment Agency has issued 66 warnings for possible flooding in England, and flood warnings, indicating that flooding is expected, are in place for Hellingly and Horsebridge in East Sussex, the North Sea at Rocker in Sunderland and Weatherhill Stream at Smallfield in Surrey.

The Met Office’s deputy chief meteorologist, David Oliver, said: “A volatile Christmas weekend is in the offing for many, with the north and west seeing the most frequent and heaviest rain.

“High winds will affect some coasts by the end of the week with gale force winds in some places, especially in the north and west.

“Christmas Day will be unsettled for many people with the most frequent showers in the north of the UK and more scattered and mostly light showers in the south.”


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