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Watch this 1,500-HP Ford Mustang Build Unfold

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YouTuber and horsepower fanatic, Itsjusta6, shows how he transformed his first Mustang into a fiery, quarter-mile-slaying monster.

Fans of the S550-generation Ford Mustangs and this high-horsepower insanity is sure to be a treat for the eyes and ears. YouTuber and real Ford Enthusiast, Itsjusta6, recently uploaded a new video showing the final transformation of his black Mustang GT into a real race car.

What this presenter has done is turn a once-stock pony car into a serious drag strip weapon through extensive modification and proper tuning in ways that many of us enthusiasts dream about, and we’re happy to share it with you.

In this video, we’ll find out what goes into building a proper drag car, where every corner of the car gets beauty shots for all to see, from the massive front heat exchanger to the impressive parachute which is attached to the back. . Of course, Itsjusta6 was eager to get into all the details, explaining how this build is far from the other Mustangs in his collection, but one thing anyone can tell right off the bat is that it’s clearly not close. in likeness. the Mustangs sitting in the Hertz rental lot.

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Building a 1,500-HP Ford Mustang

If it’s not too obvious, the highlight under the hood (or lack thereof) is the pair of massive Taylor’s Insane turbos, complete with upward-bent and outward exhaust dumps. A Boss 302 intake manifold sits as the cherry on top of the highly modified Coyote V8, amusingly revealing the space where a strut tower brace would normally go.

Behind the minimalist crash bar are heat exchangers large enough to swallow the entire engine bay of an old Honda. Slotted Baer brakes sit behind a set of two-tone drag wheels, paint-matched in purple to complement the purple housings for the turbochargers.

Inside the car is a surprisingly intact interior. There’s a paint-matched half-cage on the brakes and turbo, lots of carbon fiber accents, and thin but sturdy bucket seats with RaceQuip harnesses.

However, the stock dashboard is still there with the factory infotainment system in place. Other telltale signs of this car being purpose-built include a drag parachute lever instead of a handbrake, a Hurst sequential shifter, and trans brake controls attached to a modified factory steering wheel.

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This Modified Ford Mustang Is A Real Performer On The Road And On The Strip

Itsjusta6 in his Ford Mustang
Source: YouTube @ Itsjusta6

Itsjusta6 clearly made this a competition drag car, so it’s not hyperbolic to say it’s no ordinary GT. It’s no surprise that the S550 Mustangs are menacing forces with enough work, but this Ford Mustang is definitely out for blood with a new set of skills and a sense of ferocity that should even inspire fear. in Shelby Mustangs.

Unfortunately, we barely got a taste of what this Mustang is capable of outside of a few minutes of road driving. But stick around until the end, and you’ll be rewarded with a preview of this build going through a proper shakedown where it thrives best: the quarter-mile strip. The sounds of that turbocharged Coyote slamming through the gears at full tilt are enough to get us excited, and it’ll be interesting to see what numbers this car can put up the next time we see it.

Source: YouTube, itsjusta6


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