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Shredding tires on a twisty mountain road might be associated with a Tokyo drift event, but these two RTR-spec Ford Mustangs prove otherwise. Vaughn Gittin Jr. let and Chelsea DeNofa to tear up their respective drift machines on the curling back roads of Wilkesboro, North Carolina.

It may seem like a normal day, but these powerful muscle cars, converted into drift cars, end up on a racket in the mountains, sending pops and crackles through the forests.

This is the ultimate battle between Chelsea’s Pennzoil BC Racing Ford Mustang RTR Spec 5-D and Vaughn’s Monster Energy Ford Mustang RTR Spec 5-D. Let’s watch these borderline crazy drivers 2022 Ford Mustangs with smoke billowing from those tires.

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The Craziest Mountain Drift Battle Makes Two Mustangs Dance

Both Ford Mustangs, on the starting line, were burning rubber, their tires screeching as they took off. As they climb the hill, the first turn is seen, and the view from the cockpit shows us; Vaughn and Chelsea reached for the big handbrake to pull off the first sideways act.

Ford Mustang Drift Battle
RTR Vehicles

Both Ford Mustangs kick out their tails, their tires kicking through the autumn leaves. There was a lot of smoke, and intense movement as the cars continued to slide through the turns, both drivers maintaining control of the drift.

Vaughn is followed by Chelsea, and the precision involved while executing the smooth turns reminds us of Tokyo Drift from the Fast And Furious series. It’s almost as if both Mustangs are ballet dancing in coordination.

Yellow 2022 Pennzoil Ford Mustang Front View
RTR Vehicles

Mustangs are really fast, moving from one side to the other without knocking on their sides or driving out of the mountains. Vaughn’s Mustang continued to lead the crowd until he waved his hand at Chelsea, letting him take the lead in his Pennzoil BC Racing Ford Mustang.

The level of concentration is huge in both drivers as they use their left foot and the handbrake. Chelsea’s yellow Mustang started to take the lead, and she seemed equally adept as she pulled off some neat skids without losing control.

Mountain Drifting In Style

Ford Mustangs are Burning Rubber
RTR Vehicles

They both finally stop, as they come sideways and then stop in style. Much smoke rises from the mountains; it seems like someone camping with a fire.

Both drivers commented on how narrow the road was, and when the road map came out, they were planning – but mostly ready – to take on the challenge. According to Vaughn, the roads are ideal for drifting.

Vaughn Gittin Jr.  Black Ford Mustang
RTR Vehicles

During one of the tests, Chelsea’s yellow Mustang catches fire, and because of this, they stop and put out the fire. Vaughn’s Monster Energy Mustang seems like endless burning rubber as he maintains speed and composure while the camera car in front of him gets all the necessary shots. The RTR Mustang fearlessly charges down the road.

The 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E is ahead of them and perhaps the only car that can stay ahead as the camera continues to track both drift-spec Ford Mustangs.

RTR Transforms Ford Cars into Brutal Machines

2022 Ford Mustang Burning Rubber
RTR Vehicles

The RTR story goes back to 2007 when 26-year-old Vaughn Gittin Jr. would like to have an idea. While working a full-time job, he used his spare time competing on a track in a Ford Mustang, keeping motorsport in mind.

The Mustang community he was a part of wanted something special. Vaughn had built his first Mustang competition racecar by then and realized he was part of a special tribe.

2022 Ford Mustang Mountain Drift
RTR Vehicles

Mustangs have become an integral part of car culture, and Vaughn is a part of it, too. In 2007, he saw the enormous potential in tuning the Ford Mustang. It’s a great muscle car on its own, but he wanted to add pizzazz to the formula.

He found that customers wanted to customize their cars to suit their personal taste. This is when the light bulb over Vaughn’s head goes on, then comes RTR.

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RTR partnered with Ford Motor Company

2022 Ford Mustang In The Mountains
RTR Vehicles

The very first Mustang RTR was shown to the public in 2009, and it soon became popular among Mustang owners who wanted their cars to stand out. In 2010, RTR and the Ford Motor Company officially joined forces, making RTR models available to order within Ford dealerships.

RTR is a well-established OEM+ performance vehicle company that turns your car or truck into something you’ve always wanted, whether it’s bodywork, performance, or more.

2022 Ford Mustang Smoking Wheels
RTR Vehicles

More than a decade ago. These intrepid and skilled RTR technicians design, develop, and deliver RTR vehicles to several Ford dealerships around the world. Every RTR product is manufactured to meet the highest OEM standards and comes with a full OEM warranty and financing options.

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