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A longer-bodied and extended-wheelbase Ranger XXL with a roomier cabin and greater towing capacity in the pipeline for Australia?

An eagle eye was spotted on public roads near Ford’s proving ground in Geelong this week Car Guide reader, this is one of the first sightings of the super-sized Ranger in Australia, following spy shots of a prototype in North America in June this year.

Under development for at least three years at Broadmeadows and You Yangs engineering department as part of the T6.2 project that also includes the Everest SUV, it is expected to make its North American debut next year or sometime in 2024.

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While Ford Australia declined to comment on the Ranger XXL, its chances for an release here are fifty-fifty at best, given the commitment to the F-150 series in the latter half of next year.

But then again, putting aside the fact that Australian buyers have an insatiable thirst for everything, what better way to break the best-selling Toyota HiLux with a heavy-duty Ranger XXL?

Additionally, while our reliable informant says it’s very difficult to confirm for sure whether the Ranger XXL doing the rounds in Victoria’s second largest city is right-hand drive (RHD), the commonly mandated ‘CAUTION: LEFT-HAND-DRIVE EVALUATION VEHICLE’ sticker goes unnoticed, giving confidence that it could be available in RHD and thus potentially to Australian buyers as well.

Make of that what you will.

Wearing standard Blue Oval-issue patchwork camouflage, the dual-cab prototype is easily recognizable by its immediately obvious longer wheelbase, extended cabin roofline and wider rear doors, matched by a stretched tub in the back to keep things in proportion.

Of course, the result of these changes is significantly more rear seat space for in-cabin cargo as well as occupants, giving the Ford a handy edge in the medium ute segment against the HiLux, Isuzu D -Max, Mitsubishi Triton (which is about to grow significantly from late 2023 for its next-gen redesign) and Nissan Navara.

Just as importantly, it’s believed that this heavy-duty Ranger XXL will also receive a useful towing-capacity bump, from 3500kg to at least 4500kg if some rumors are to be believed, making it even more different from the opposite product.

It is also expected to get higher ground clearance and stronger suspension to match its heavy duty capabilities.

The XXL is expected to fill the gap between the Ranger and F-150. The XXL is expected to fill the gap between the Ranger and F-150.

It’s safe to assume that a version of the existing 3.0-litre V6 turbo-diesel will likely be used, though Ford and Volkswagen are already confirming the arrival of electrification for their respective Ranger and Amarok twins in the not-too-distant future, you might even add a petrol-electric hybrid version to the mix. There will certainly be enough room under this very long ute for the necessary technology.

The result should be a family friendly, do-more and go-further Ranger that sits nicely in length as well as capability between the regular version and full-sized trucks like the popular Ram 1500, Chevrolet Silverado and upcoming F-150 series.

So, what’s our take on the Geelong prototype?

Since the Ranger XXL was first photographed in June, it’s expected to be a North American-only exercise, because bigger is better in that part of the world and all that.

But that never-ending demand for utes here in Australia is something the carmaker can’t afford to ignore. Plus, the F-150 will likely cost more — and in the six figures for higher-spec grades — when it arrives later next year, meaning there’s a big gap between it and the regular Ranger. which can be obtained by an XXL version of the latter. easy to fill, especially if the Thailand factory that supplies all our T6.2s will do it.

Stay tuned, as we’ll update you with all the latest information on this and all future Ranger developments as they arrive.


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