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It’s December 23, which means Christmas is just two days away, and it’s also the 23rd day of strike action that began in December. The protests are expected to continue till December 25.

23 December strike and protest

People in some of Britain’s biggest businesses have downed their tools this December in protest over working conditions and pay. People have been warned to avoid all kinds of injuries or things that could make them sick during the ambulance workers’ strike earlier this week.

Today, 23 December, four diverse unions are calling for industrial action in Britain.

You can expect delays on the road for people trying to get home for Christmas. The walk-out by workers in various industries will mostly affect people living in the South East and London.

Nurses, trains and Royal Mail: every strike planned in the UK leading up to Christmas

Nurses, trains and Royal Mail: every strike planned in the UK leading up to Christmas

What did the government say about this?

Government officials have said that the strike could be resolved immediately if they put money on the table for all workers across industries across Britain, even on the same day.

Workers responsible for the electronic program signs that provide information about lane closures and speed limits are also on strike. This could be a major blow to emergency services monitoring the roads. Furthermore, Christmas posts have also been severely disrupted, with the Royal Mail strike continuing until 24 December.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Which workers are on strike in Britain?
    Bus drivers, nurses and rail workers are on strike in Britain.
  2. Who is Mark Sarvotka?
    Mark Sarvotka is the General Secretary of the Union of Public and Commercial Services.

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