Two ‘low energy’ Balasore villages lead to primitive life – The New Indian Express | Daily News Byte

Two ‘low energy’ Balasore villages lead to primitive life – The New Indian Express

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BALASORE: The alleged negligence of the Balasore administration and the power department in supplying electricity has left two villages under Kashipur gram panchayat of Nilagiri district in the dark.
Sources said that around 400 people in Ashoknala and Kelamara villages are living without electricity. Since most of the families are tribal and economically poor, they cannot afford to buy electricity poles and wires.

Fearing theft and wild animal invasion after dark, villagers close many doors and windows before evening. At the same time, local people who have mobile phones, charge their devices in their neighboring villages by paying Money. A few families there have also procured solar power for the purpose.

“Lack of electricity supply in our village is a serious concern. Children who go to school use lamps to study at night, although there are financial problems, but parents must Buy gasoline that costs about 60 to 70 dollars per liter. We get one liter of kerosene per ration card but it is not enough to last a month,” said villagers Ghasiram Singh and Suman Singh. said.

The North East Electricity Supply Company of Odisha (NESCO) had earlier installed electric poles and transformers for villages but the contractor assigned to the project stopped the work halfway.

“The poles that have been installed are now bent due to poor quality contractor work. We have appealed to the administration and local politicians on this issue many times in the past, but to no avail. Connecting electricity to our homes has become a distant dream now,” they said. More sad that they will cast their votes in the upcoming elections after Electricity supply.

Contacted, Nilagiri Sub-Collector Diptiranjan Sethy said that he will discuss the issue with the officials of Tata Power Northern Odisha Distribution Limited (TPNODL) and try to resolve the issue soon.


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