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In some cases, you can save your game progress

Stadia is less than a month away from fading into oblivion, with its death slated for January 18, 2023. While you can play your games now on the upcoming holidays, you might want to You can move many of your purchased games to a new platform before Stadia closes the store. While some developers are offering free Steam codes for those who purchase Stadia, Ubisoft is simplifying the process by converting its Stadia subscriptions to Ubisoft Connect accounts, and a very beautiful You can save your Ubisoft games from Stadia on PC and, in many cases, the progress of the game – all without paying an extra dime.


If you have purchased a Ubisoft title from Stadia during the life of the platform, it will be added to your Ubisoft account through Ubisoft Connect. This way, you can enjoy the same games on PC for free. And in cases where your game progress has been saved to Ubisoft Connect in supported titles such as Far Cry 6 and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you can continue playing on PC from where you left off on Stadia. Ubisoft’s direct approach to eliminate the concerns of many users of Stadia who are worried about losing their games. Also, the return of Google Stadia has not been affected by Ubisoft’s plans, so you will not see returns from Stadia for these games, but Ubisoft has been generous in transferring ownership to a platform again with no price, the perfect move to collect positive feedback from players. .

However, the developer notes that it cannot change any virtual currency that you receive under Stadia. So it’s better to spend it now while you have some time left with Google’s short game streaming service.

For Stadia users who subscribe to Ubisoft+ Multi-Access, the game publisher will send email instructions to join Ubisoft+ from Ubisoft. And when you switch, you’ll be treated to a free monthly subscription. Ubisoft+ subscribers in the US can stream their games through Amazon Luna, continuing with their original subscription, while non-US subscribers get a discount on Ubisoft+ Multi-Access for six financial cycles.

In addition, Ubisoft is offering a free month of GeForce NOW Priority Membership to all Ubisoft users on Stadia, allowing everyone to try Nvidia’s best game streaming service with its features such as including early penetration and ray tracing.

To learn more about how other game publishers are handling your titles on Stadia, you can check out our dedicated table of everything these studios are working to fix this situation. But with Stadia now almost dead, you don’t have to worry too much about finding something suitable. There are plenty of Stadia options to keep you entertained, and you can try your hand at mobile gaming with one of the best Android phones designed to play real games.


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