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A high-powered Ford GT has reportedly topped 500km/h in the US, however there is no independent confirmation to support the impressive claim.

The owner of a highly-modified Ford GT has claimed the world speed record for a road car after hitting a claimed 500km/h on the NASA Shuttle landing strip at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

So far, there is no independent confirmation to support the impressive claim, which would make this particular Ford GT faster than a Formula One race car.

The driver pushed his twin-turbo 2006-model GT – with the number plate BADD GT – along the 4.5-kilometre strip and said his data system reported a top speed of 310.8mph (500.184km/h) .

“Unquestionably the fastest street car on planet Earth,” said driver, performance tuner Johnny Bohmer, after his run.

But there is no independent verification of his claim, although Mr Bohmer and his GT previously hit 283.232mph (455.8km/h) in 2012 in a run verified by Guinness World Records as the fastest standing mile speed operated by a road-legal vehicle.

Mr Bohmer is the owner of Performance Power Racing (USA) and his Ford GT produced a claimed 895kW for its original record run, although that was boosted to 2000kW in 2018 and he tuned for with more power and performance at the time of his claimed 500km/h run.

By Australian standards, the BADD GT is well beyond the limits of a road-legal car – although it’s licensed and insured for street use in Florida, it even has a parachute to aid stopping in fast runs.

The top-speed attempt was one of many at the same location by the same driver.

Although the run was not officially approved or verified, and it was claimed that it was only to tune the engine management system and traction control, the car was still equipped with a bank of timing gears.

The timing package includes four Garmin Ultra 30 cameras and satellite-based speed-measuring equipment.

The tuning firm also produced an unedited video of the run.

There has been controversy and skepticism about top-speed claims for road cars for decades, with some cars ruled ineligible because they didn’t have the proper certification, were modified, or didn’t make two -way run to provide an average top. speed

In 2020, a US hypercar company, SSC, claimed a record of 508.73km/h (316.1mph) with its Tuatara, but the effort on a highway in Nevada was disputed and later repeated and sanctioned runway at the Kennedy Space Center. The car then managed an average speed of 455.28km/h (282.9mph).

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