The Ford Falcon with the last Australian-made V8 was not sold at auction | Daily News Byte

The Ford Falcon with the last Australian-made V8 was not sold at auction

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The last Ford Falcon produced with an Australian-built V8 failed to sell at its latest auction, despite the seller dropping the reserve price.

The final Ford Falcon powered by an Australian-built V8 engine passed in its latest auction after topping out within $5000 of its previous sale price before bidding closed.

The historic Ford Falcon – a Ford Fairmont Ghia ESP by its formal name – was the last to be built with an Australian-made ‘Cleveland’ V8 engine, and was fitted with a gold plaque on its dashboard documenting its importance.

Since rolling off Ford’s Broadmeadows production line on 25 November 1982, its odometer has recorded just 67km.

According to the listing, the historic Ford Falcon garnered 52 bids in the most recent auction, including Collecting Cars website showing its reserve price was taken down in the last few hours – although it did not disclose the reserve price.

The V8-powered icon was unable to match its previous sale price, with the last recorded bid of $350,000 gone by the end of the auction.

Between November 1971 and December 1981, Ford Australia produced the ‘Cleveland’ V8 engine at its Geelong engine factory, having imported its initial batch from the US town of the same name in 1970.

The ‘Cleveland’ was produced in two sizes – a 4.9-liter (302 cubic inches) and a 5.8-liter (351 cubic inches).

This example was equipped with a 4.9-liter V8, mated to a four-speed manual transmission that sent power to the rear wheels.

Ford Australia didn’t sell another V8 Falcon until 1991 when the ‘EB’ was launched, with the North American-built 5.0-litre ‘Windsor’ becoming an option on some grades.

‘Windsor’ continued to power V8 Falcons until 2002, with a new 5.4-litre ‘Boss’ engine powering the ‘BA’, ‘BF’ and ‘FG’ generations.

The ‘Boss’ V8 was replaced by the ‘Coyote’ in 2010, which lasted until the end of local production of the Falcon – and Ford Australia – in 2016.

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