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The Alliance Alive Android Port is released in English

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The Alliance Alive Android port has been released, and mobile gamers have the chance to enjoy an underappreciated gem of JPRG history. The port is available through Google Play, and will set you back £9.99 / $11.99 while you’ll enjoy a full experience and a few hours of travel for the price.

Beautiful Although a bit ugly

The first version of The Alliance Alive was released for the 3DS in 2017. An HD Remaster came out for Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC in the coming years. Last year, the Alliance Alive Android version was released in Japan, but now we have an English port.

The port includes the HD Remaster, with its better sprites, so it’s less or less what you’d get on a PC or console.

Powerful beings called daemons attacked the world where the Alliance Alive stood. They divided the world, with barriers to separate nations from each other, and began to rule evil over society.

This upheaval destroyed the atmosphere, and the atmosphere was dark and gloomy for centuries. In this world, humans are the lowest in society, below daemons and male beasts.

Quirky Mechanics

You take control of some members of a resistance group, trying to oppose the law of daemons and their animals. They also hope to bring back blue skies to their country.

The gameplay is what you would expect from JPRGs, with a few twists. The combat system changes, but the characters have no levels. They have points that can be used to buy skills.

There’s a huge free world map to explore, and there’s a lot to see. If you like old JRPGs, it might be worth your time and money.

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