Taylor Sheridan Wasn’t Messing About When She Convinced Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren to Join in 1923 | Daily News Byte


Taylor Sheridan nailed it Yellowstone franchise, with successful Western dramas spawning even more successful spinoffs. Sheridan’s latest iteration follows the Duttons during Western expansion, prohibition, and the Great Depression, and the cast of 1923 along with some big names like Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren. Now Sheridan has opened up about how she managed to convince them to be on the series.

Sheridan is no stranger to having big names star in his shows, having had country power couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill star in 1883with a few other big cameos along the way, not to mention Kevin Costner Yellowstone! He told Deadline the wild story of how he convinced Ford and Mirren to do it 1923, and he decided:

Truth? I called him and told him to come down to my ranch, and he flew down. I did the same with Helen. . . . He flew down. I said, let’s do this thing together. He went, can I read the script? I said, you can do it when it’s written, but it hasn’t been written yet, and you got to commit to it now. I need to know who I am writing for. I’m done thinking about who I’m writing for, and I have to try to chase down the person I have in mind, and I can’t get that person because they’re making a crazy show on Netflix. I don’t do that crap anymore.


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