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School Management Update: December 2022

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Increased funding for schools in autumn statement

The chancellor said in his autumn statement that schools would receive £2.3 billion of extra funding in both 2023 to 2024 and 2024 to 2025. This will take the head schools budget to a total of £58.8 billion from 2024 to 2025, £2 billion more than released in 2021.

Funding this year was already £4 billion higher than last year. The announcement means it will raise the total by another £3.5 billion.

This increase means that the level of funding per pupil committed to the Spending Review 2021 will be realistically protected. They underline the importance that the government attaches to schools. You can find more information about this.

National Leaders of Governance Programme

A revised national leaders’ evaluation of the governance program has been published. This included a review of the first year of implementation by the National Governance Association (NGA).

The report found that delivery has been successful in terms of recruitment, deployment and capacity provided by the regime’s national leaders.NLGs) and the quality of support they provided. School leaders, governors and trustees were positive about the quality, rigor and challenge NLGs is provided. A senior leader said: “The NLG Excellently matched and expertly delivered.

If your board needs support with governance, find out if you qualify DfE provided funding NLG program

Supporting schools to become energy efficient

In December, the Department of Education (DfE) announced £500m of extra capital funding to help state schools improve their energy efficiency.

Get Help to Buy for Schools is designed to help schools buy energy efficiently, from energy audits to liquid fuels and mains gas and electricity. This service is free and designed to help your school or trust secure great value.

Contact: Get help shopping for schools.

Access to technical education and apprenticeship providers

The Department has strengthened provider access legislation through the Skills and Post-16 Education Act 2022. This specifies that schools must provide at least six encounters with providers of technical education and apprenticeships for all students, from Years 8 to 13. This will give opportunity to all students. A full picture of the education and training options available when they leave school.

The updated legislation comes into force on 1 January 2023 and trust boards and maintained school governing bodies must ensure that the new requirements are complied with. DfEThe revised Career Statutory Guidance will be published at the beginning of the new term.

Baroness Barron’s message to the Governance Professional Pathway

So Baroness Beran has recorded a video message NGA’s Governance Professionals Network marks the beginning of their career path for governance professionals. In the video, the minister recognized the importance of good governance and the critical role of governance professionals in supporting the board to achieve its objectives.

The minister thanked NGA To highlight the career path. She recognized that it would help develop an understanding of the qualities that make a good governance professional and the various career paths and qualifications that are open to them.


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