Red Magic 8 Pro, Nubia’s new Android gaming phone, has an official release date | Daily News Byte

Red Magic 8 Pro, Nubia’s new Android gaming phone, has an official release date

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The Nubia Red Magic 8 Pro, a new Android gaming phone, will hit the market on December 26th and we got the impression due to its second Snapdragon 8 processor.

From the information we have so far, the phone will be rocking a full OLED screen measuring seven inches. The Nubia Red Magic 8 Pro may be the first gaming phone with a second Snapdragon 8 chipset. We believe that this will provide a significant boost to productivity.

Play is Thought

It’s also pretty cool, with a triple-lens setup, the main lens giving you 50MP. It’s not bad, although the image is not clear on the phone’s purpose here.

Nubia’s Red Magic series isn’t exactly what it’s supposed to be. These phones are for gaming, and their features are tuned to give you the most graphics horsepower.

Their first model, the Red Magic 7 gives some idea of ​​the specs that Nubia is proud of. A quick look at their official website will give you some idea.

The current model offers a 120Hz refresh rate, 960Hz touch sampling rate, and a ton of cooling features to stop the phone from becoming an electric hand warmer in the long run.

Other Snapdragon 8 options

It does not seem to be from Nubia. The Nubia Z50 is known to have the second generation Snapdragon 8 as well, along with a 64MP camera.

The screen is smaller, and the Z50s has a cutout for the front camera, which detracts from the display a bit. The Red Magic 8 Pro camera is located under the glass, leaving a flawless display.

The Z50 goes on sale in China on December 23rd, so if you don’t like any of the gaming features, and the screen isn’t a deal breaker, it might be worth a look.

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