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Pro-trans legislation is needed across the UK

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The changes in Scotland were criticized by Reem Alsalem, the UN’s special rapporteur on violence against women and girls, who warned that they could be abused by predatory men and that any law changes in the UK would have global consequences.

Ms Alsalem said she was “disappointed” by the vote, adding that Scotland “had an opportunity to set an example of how to address and resolve tensions between rights and effectively manage risks” but that its parliament had “bypassed it”. decided. opportunity”.

On Friday, the Equality and Human Rights Commission said: “Our view was that the existing legal framework provides the right balance that best protects everyone.”

Cammy Badenoch, the women and equalities minister, warned that the Scottish changes would affect the operation of equality laws across the country and said the government was “looking at provisions that could encourage a review and allow MSPs to address these issues”.

Scottish Secretary Alastair Jack said on Thursday that the government was considering invoking section 35 of the Scotland Act 1998 to prevent changes to the law.

The measure, which has never been used before, allows Scottish legislation to be blocked by Westminster if it is deemed to have an “adverse effect” on laws over which the UK Parliament has final jurisdiction. It is likely to spark another bitter constitutional stand-off between London and Edinburgh.

On Friday, Mr Sunack said: “A lot of people in Scotland are concerned about this new bill, the impact it will have on the safety of women and children.

“So I think it is perfectly reasonable for the UK Government to understand what the consequences are for the safety of women and children in the rest of the UK and then decide what the appropriate course of action is.”

Ms Binning, whose group is running the “Respect My Sex If You Want My X” campaign with Sex Matters and Women Uniting, said Labour’s refusal to listen to concerns meant many women on the left now felt “politically homeless”.

Labor gave no details on how it would protect single-sex spaces while allowing people to choose their legal gender.


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