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Popular quotes by Ratan Tata that will inspire you

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‘I don’t believe in making the right decision…’: Popular quotes by Ratan Tata that will inspire you

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New Delhi: Industrialist Ratan Tata needs no introduction. The 84-year-old businessman and Tata Sons Chairman Emeritus is a famous and respected man not only in India but around the world. Tata is loved by people of all ages and widely respected for his business acumen and humility alike.
During his tenure as the Chairman of Tata Sons, the holding company of the Tata Group, from 1991 until his retirement On 28/12/2012, the income of the group has increased a lot, totaling 100 billion USD in 2011-12.

For his contribution to the country’s growth in many ways, Tata was honored by the government with India’s second highest civilian award, the Padma Vibhushan, in 2008. The industrialist was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 2000 and also received honorary doctorates from several universities. in India and abroad.

Ratan N Tata is a man who has inspired entrepreneurs, businessmen and even common people over the years. With less than 10 days left for the birthday of Tata, who will turn 85 this year on December 28, here are some of his inspirational quotes:

“Take the stones that people throw at you. and use them to build monuments.”

“If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, let’s walk together.”

“The ups and downs in life are very important to keep us moving forward because a straight line, even in the ECG. means we are not alive.”

“No one can destroy iron, but its iron can destroy it. Similarly, no one can destroy a person, but their own thoughts can destroy them.”

“Don’t be serious, enjoy life.”

“He who tries to copy others will be a successful person for a while, but he will not be successful in the next life.”

“I don’t believe in making the right decisions. I take decisions and then make them right.

“Power and wealth are not my two main stakes.”

“I may have hurt some people along the way, but I want to be seen as someone who has tried my best to do the right thing for every situation and not compromise.”

“Businesses need to go beyond their corporate interest to the communities they serve.”

About leaving a legacy, Ratan Tata once said it would be simple. “Besides the values ​​and ethics that I have tried to live by, the legacy that I would like to leave behind is very simple – that I have always stood up for what I consider to be right, and I have tried to be as fair and equal as possible.”

Ratan Tata’s 84th birthday

The humble industrialist celebrated his 84th birthday in the simplest way, without a lavish party or grand celebration but with a small bowl. Tata rang in his 84th birthday last year by lighting candles on a cupcake, which was brought by Shantanu Naidu, a young employee of the Tata Group whom Tata introduced last year.


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