Planning to apply to UK universities? British Ambassador on how to avoid visa delays | Daily News Byte

Planning to apply to UK universities?  British Ambassador on how to avoid visa delays

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Although the United Kingdom started processing visa applications in just 15 days, the British High Commissioner urged students to speed up the process due to high demand. Visa delays became a major nuisance soon after international travel resumed. This forced thousands of students, workers and tourists to reschedule their journeys for several months.

British High Commissioner Alex Ellis said on Friday while updating the new visa processing time, “Two months ago I said that our aim is to replace visit visas from India to the UK within our 15 standard times by the end of the year. working days. The great news is that the team has now achieved this through fantastic work in Delhi and across the Visa network.

“There are still some cases that take longer, are very complicated and it’s true that they do,” he added.

“If you still want you can of course use the priority visa channel. We will turn it around in five days.

Students are advised to expedite the process

Alice informed,…we have a large number of student visas for the student session starting in January next year.

“Please apply as quickly as possible as there is a lot of demand and for everyone applying for a visa, make sure you provide the correct information,” he advised.

A report by the Office of National Statistics last month revealed that Indian students have overtaken Chinese students for the first time as the largest group of foreign students studying in the UK, with a massive 273% increase in visas granted over the past few years.

Earlier this month, Minister of State for External Affairs V Muralidharan said that 1,20,987 Indian students have gone to the UK to study till October this year.

“According to data registered with the Bureau of Immigration, while in 2019, 36,612 Indian students went to the UK, this number increased to 44,901 in 2020 and 77,855 in 2021,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Rishi Sunak government said it is planning strong measures to bring net migration down from record levels. According to reports, the UK government may also consider banning foreign students except those accepted by top universities.

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