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NVIDIA is shutting down GameStream for SHIELD owners

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It’s the end of an era for SHIELD owners, as NVIDIA has announced it’s shutting down the GameStream feature. For those unfamiliar with SHIELD or GameStream, the feature is similar to the sound. It allows owners of NVIDIA’s SHIELD TV box to stream games from their PC. The PC and SHIELD must be on the same network, and GeForce Experience must be installed on the PC.

From there, streaming is as easy as a few clicks. Unfortunately, there is nothing important for NVIDIA to continue the GameStream operation. In an official statement from NVIDIA, the company says that GameStream will be pulled out in February of 2023 as a new feature in the NVIDIA Games app. The feature is available to SHIELD owners to use until the middle of the month. There is no specific date for closing.

Users are not required to update their NVIDIA Games app, and functionality can be enabled after closing. According to the FAQ, this is just a bandaid. Without updating the app, the services that use it will not run. And this is GeForce NOW. Basically, it’s better to expand.

Others include NVIDIA GameStream to do the same

Some users may be sad to hear this news but there is a silver lining. GameStream is not a special service. And the games you use to play from your Steam account. So you can easily use the Link Steam app to stream games to SHIELD. This is one of NVIDIA’s ideas. Instead of Steam Link, there’s GeForce NOW.

A great choice for cloud gaming. The only difference is that you usually pay a subscription fee. Although NVIDIA offers a free membership, only paid ones offer higher graphics and longer gaming sessions. However, there is an option if you want to continue streaming to SHIELD without paying for a service.

Either way, everything ends in the end. And that’s just GameStream’s time.


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