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Live music makes a triumphant return in 2022 after years of being banned, postponed and canceled during the COVID-19 lockdown period. But now the stage is set for a spectacular 2023.

As this year draws to a close, the world is gearing up to welcome the New Year. However, only a few know that the year 2023 will be full of music for the United Kingdom.

The world’s biggest acts are coming to the UK next year, including Harry Styles, The Weeknd, Taylor Swift and Lizzo. However, that is only the surface of the ocean of music. So, get your hands on some trendy tickets of 2023 from the list mentioned below:

Harry Styles

After leaving his impact on the acting world in 2022, Harry Styles returns to complete a much-delayed blockbuster series of “Love on Tour” performances.

After a hiatus caused by Covid, the tour finally started in September 2021, and Harry greatly expanded his hit list.

The weekend

Abel Tesfaye, who performs as The Weeknd, has always been a force to be reckoned with, but his album Dawn FM from 2022 elevated his craft to a new plane of refinement. The Weekend will have plenty of opportunities to pay homage to the “second British Invasion” that affected him so much that Tesfe is now returning to the UK in 2023.

Taylor Swift

The announcement that Taylor Swift is finally touring the UK again caused an understandable frenzy as it had been five years since her previous visit. A page on Swift’s website crashed because so many fans checked out the UK tour announcement!

While there aren’t many specifics, we’re warned to expect “historically unprecedented demand.” So, be careful!


In 2023, Lizzo will visit the UK one more time, and in our opinion, it’s about time.


Waterboy is one of the few bands to transition styles with such joyous playfulness. Next year, they will tour the UK with their massive array of hits and deep cuts.


Blur return to perform at Wembley now that they’ve long recovered from the Battle of Britpop and their back catalog is more critically acclaimed than ever.

Billy Joel

Legendary piano man Billy Joel will be 74 when he plays in London in July, but he still has vigor and vitality and his voice has a deeper, more ballad-like quality than in his earlier years.

Lewis Capaldi

The Scottish singer is touring the UK following the huge success of past tours.

Taylor Swift claims the entire top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100

Taylor Swift claims the entire top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100

Swift makes history

Singer Taylor Swift has become the first artist to claim a top 10 slot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the US.

Take that

Considering how popular ’90s nostalgia is right now, the Take That Summer concerts in Hyde Park are likely to be attended by a large number of young people.

To minimize disappointment, make your reservation as soon as possible.

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    You can find tickets for the concert on the Ticketmaster website.
  2. Why did the UK become a hub for music festivals?
    The UK became a hub for music festivals because the country’s economy is largely based on the entertainment industry.

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