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Will Netflix’s Big Plan Really Work?

Netflix has been widely publicized about its plans to end password sharing. After some tests in South America, Netflix has decided to start recording for password sharing in 2023 – users who want to share their password with anyone can others intend to immediately start paying a fee on their subscription. As we approach the end of 2022, that change is closer than you think, and now we have some information about why the company is doing this, and why why did it take so long to get this right.


According to a recent report by The Wall Street Journal (via XDA), there are more than 100 million Netflix viewers who watch shows and movies on the platform using the name and they are borrowing from others. Given that there are about 223 million Netflix subscribers around the world, that’s about a third of Netflix’s viewer base who don’t pay for the service.

Researchers in the industry have known that this is a problem since at least 2019, but with the COVID-19 pandemic bringing in new subscribers, it doesn’t feel like it should be done any time soon. With subscriber numbers down this year, though, Netflix thinks it’s time to get serious about cracking down on passwords — or make money off of it.

It’s a big number, though, which means Netflix needs to think seriously about implementing a change like this while not alienating that viewer. This is because instead of banning sharing, Netflix wants to pay a small fee. The streaming service has also created an ad support tier to make it easier and more convenient for users to pay for their accounts if they want to do so.


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