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Libya’s political elites block progress: UK statement to Security Council

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Thank you President,

I would like to thank SRSG Bathili and you, Ambassador Kamboj, for your briefings and updates and as the Chairman of the 1970 Committee.

I would like to make three points.

First, we welcome SRSG Bathili’s clear message to Libya’s political elite that they are blocking progress and must urgently come together to agree on a way forward in the political process. As we approach a year since the elections were due to take place, despite the demonstrated willingness of the Libyan people to vote, the lack of progress is striking. We stand ready to support SRSG Bathili as he works toward an inclusive Libyan-led process that can lead to long-term political stability, economic prosperity, security sector reform, and the removal of foreign forces and mercenaries from Libya.

Second, we note with dismay the lack of progress towards agreement on the legal and constitutional basis for elections. The continued inability of the House of Representatives and the Higher Council of State to deliver on this undermines their credibility and stalls progress. As a Council, we collectively put pressure on Libyan political leaders to bear, to work constructively with SRSG Bathili and a wide range of Libyan actors to agree on an achievable basis for free, fair and inclusive parliamentary and presidential elections without further delay. should be brought

Thirdly, a vibrant and free civil society must be an integral part of the political process. I am deeply concerned by reports of increased restrictions and reduced operating space for civil society organizations. I call on all Libyan parties to ensure that civil society actors, including women activists and peacemakers, can continue their roles safely and unhindered. I also ask SRSG Bathili to ensure that the voice of civil society and Libyan citizens is represented in the political process that seeks to determine their future.

Libya has faced many obstacles this past year, with a disappointing absence of sustainable progress on the way forward. I urge all Libyan actors, with the support of the region and the wider international community, to fulfill their responsibilities to deliver political progress. We the Council must extend our full support to SRSG Bathili to achieve this.

thank you


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