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Here’s Why The Ford Mustang Is A Great First Drift Car

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The Ford The Mustang is more than a car, it’s a legend. When you think of the Ford Mustang, you probably think of a car that’s great for burning a quarter-mile or going on cross-country cruises and not drifting. After all, the Mustang is an iconic name in the American performance car era, one that has cemented itself as a classic. It was also the first mass-produced sports car, and it was in production for over 50 years. So, how can it possibly be a good drift car?

What makes the Ford Mustang a great first drift car is its rear-wheel-drive layout, long wheelbase, good power, and cheap price tag (especially for a fox-body mustang). If you’re just starting to drift, these four factors can make or break choosing one of these beautiful ponies. As long as you don’t mind the fact that any Ford Mustang over the fox body age isn’t going to be very competitive in the modern world of drifting. Any model past that age would be too heavy to be really competitive, and too expensive to be a first drift car.

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The Ford Mustang Has a Great Power Plant

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The latest generation of pony cars has some serious performance under the hood. With 762 horsepower, the GT500 can run from 0-60 mph in less than 3.3 seconds. The Ford Predator engine is a true beast of an engine, one that may be the best V8 ever made. This engine is in the 2020 Ford Mustang GT500 model and up or purchased as a crate engine from Ford or any of their suppliers.

Classic Fox body Mustangs have a small block 302 engine, which is a great stock motor. The newer SN95, New Edge, and S197 Mustang models have a 5.0-liter V8 that is very easy to modify. These engines are reliable, have tons of torque, and aftermarket parts are widely available. With all of these options, any Ford Mustang older than the Fox body age is a good starting point for drifting.

The current generation (sixth) of Mustangs has a 5.0-liter Coyote V8 engine. This engine comes from Ford’s modular family of engines, which have proven themselves time and time again in everything from street applications to racing applications. They are used by NASCAR and Formula Drift racing teams as well as drag racers because they can handle over 1,000 horsepower with minimal effort.

The Ford Mustang Is Ready To Tear Off

Front/side view of the 2022 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500
By Ford

Many people think they can’t get into drifting because they don’t have enough money or time to fix their cars after every event. This is not true. The Mustang is one of the most reliable cars out there, so you don’t have to worry about your car breaking down on the track. Plus, there are plenty of mechanics out there who specialize in working on Mustangs, so you’ll find help if something happens to your car during an event.

Any Ford Mustang over the Fox body age would be an excellent choice for those looking to take up drifting as a hobby or even as a career path. If you want something newer than look for one of the latest models like the Shelby GT350R or Shelby GT500, both of which are available as track ready versions complete with roll cages and other safety equipment built into them by Ford Racing.

The Mustang RTR (ready-to-rock) model, is ready out of the box. If you want something for both the track and off it, we recommend getting an RTR model, so you don’t have to worry about buying extra parts later.

The Ford Mustang boasts a Long Wheelbase

Mach 1 CornerThe first thing that comes to mind when thinking about drifting is wheelbase. The longer wheelbase means that weight is distributed more evenly throughout the car, making it easier to maintain control when turning corners at high speeds. It also helps keep the rear wheels planted when accelerating out of corners or when entering a corner with the handbrake.

The Mustang’s long wheelbase provides enough space between the front wheels and rear axle for effortless weight transfer, making it easy to pull off perfect drifts. Because of its long wheelbase, the Mustang also has a low center of gravity, which means it’s easy to control while drifting.

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A Muscle Car Has a Strong Chassis

Ford Mustang Drifting
Photo of Komorebi

The chassis of any car plays an important role in how well it handles on a racetrack or off-road course. A strong chassis will help prevent damage to your car when you go around corners at high speeds or hit bumps at high speeds.

The Mustang has always had a reputation for being able to take a beating without breaking down or losing control. If you buy an RTR Mustang, you won’t have to worry about your car breaking down anytime soon because it will be built from the ground up with durability in mind. Each of the RTR Pro drivers is known for tearing off bumpers and breaking doors at every FD event with this highly competitive chassis and engine.

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