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Gravity Falls Confirms Fans Only Saw Half of Stan and Ford’s Backstory

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Fans of Gravity Falls They’re well aware of the tragic events that led to the start of the series about Grunkle Stan and his twin brother Ford–but one thing they may not know is that their backstory goes beyond what revealed on the show.

Gravity Falls follows the adventures of twelve-year-old twin sisters Dipper and Mabel as they stay with their uncle Stan for the summer in Gravity Falls, Oregon. While the main series is set around Dipper and Mabel and their experiences in the mythical (and sometimes interdimensional) strangeness of Gravity Falls, the real story begins long before Dipper and Mabel were even born. When Grunkle Stan and his twin brother, Ford, were just kids growing up in New Jersey, they had plans to get a boat when they grew up and travel the world together. However, by the time they were both seniors in high school, it was clear that Ford’s future was brighter than Stan’s because Ford was a legitimate inventive genius and Stan was a quiet talker. Worried about Ford getting a scholarship, getting into a great college, and ruining their plans to travel the world together, Stan accidentally (but out of anger) destroys the project of Ford’s science fair. That project was Ford’s ticket to get into the college of his dreams and make a life for himself–one filled with fame and fortune. Essentially, Stan destroys Ford’s future, which is the first step towards the events of Gravity Falls–but that’s not the whole story.


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Gravity Falls: Lost Legends–written by series creator Alex Hirsch with art by Joe Pitt, Ian Worrel, Asaf Hanuka, Dana Terrace, Jacob Chabot, Jim Campbell, Kyle Smeallie, Meredith Gran, Mike Holmes, Priscilla Tang, Serina Hernandez, Stephanie Ramirez, and Valerie Halla– is a collection of Gravity Falls stories told in the form of a graphic novel that continue the adventures of the show. In a story titled “The Pines Boys in: The Jersey Devil’s in the Details”, fans are given a glimpse of an adventure Stan and Ford had as children, when their plans for getting a boat and sailing around the world is a -you go. In this adventure, Stan and Ford work to prove that Stan didn’t steal something from their father’s store, and that the mythical animal known as the Jersey Devil is actually responsible. However, these two aren’t the only rookie sleuths on the case as another pair of twin adventurers in their area (dubbed the Sibling Brothers) are also looking for the culprit behind the stolen item–and their findings is quite disturbing.

Ford gave His Brother Stan the Chance to Be Famous

Ford of Gravity Falls gives up the Jersey Devil for Stan.

Although the Jersey Devil turns out to be real–and indeed caught by the Sibling Brothers–it’s not the one responsible for stealing from Ford and Stan’s dad, and the Sibling Brothers actually crack it. Gravity Falls mystery with photo evidence of the real man behind the robbery: Stan Pines. Stan lies to Ford and blames the Jersey Devil for a crime he committed. When the Brothers and Sisters tell Ford that they will let him take credit for discovering the Jersey Devil in exchange for his help in implicating his brother, Ford chooses to ignore the Jersey Devil and stand by Stan even though Stan guilty

If Ford had the Jersey Devil in his possession, he would have gone down in history as the man who proved that one of the greatest monsters in American history was indeed real. Instead, Ford chooses to defend his brother even after Stan lies to him–effectively costing Ford his shot at fame and fortune. In this look at their first known adventure together, it is revealed that Stan ruined Ford’s future before high school, proving that Gravity Falls fans don’t know the whole story behind their backstory.

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