Get Echo Buds for $70 and get a free Echo Dot just in time for Christmas | Daily News Byte

Get Echo Buds for  and get a free Echo Dot just in time for Christmas

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Add it all up, and we’re looking at $90 in inventory

Echo Buds + Echo Dot

Echo Buds (Gen 2)

During the holidays, you can grab a pair of Echo Buds for over 40% off and a free Echo Dot. Whether you keep the Echo Dot or turn it into a nice gift for someone else is up to you.

If you’re looking for the last deals before the holidays, Echo Buds are available for the next few hours at the best price. You can get the 2nd gen bulbs for $70, down from their usual price of $120. As if the price wasn’t enough, Amazon is also throwing in a free Echo Dot, making it a total of $90.

Why you need the Echo Buds

This model of Echo Buds has been around for a year, and it represents a good choice, especially at this price. They support active noise cancellation and provide easy access to Alexa, which is perfect if that’s your smart assistant.


Alexa is really good at something like this, because you can change the music for you. When it’s winter, and you’re out walking in the cold, it will save you the trouble of taking off your gloves, pulling out your phone, and scrolling for a specific song. Since it works with Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and more, you’re covered with the music you want to hear.

The Echo Dot is a great device to have. Although the model we’re talking about here is the 3rd gen, not the latest in the lineup, it’s still a great smart speaker to add to your home and keep it simple. Like the Buds themselves, this little device gives you access to Alexa, and since it’s a free add-on, it’s definitely worth the price.


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