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December 27—Ashford School’s interim superintendent is no longer interim.

The Ashford Board of Education appointed Cynthia Ford to the permanent position on Dec. 15. Ford has been serving in an interim capacity since June, after two school unions declared a vote of “no confidence: in then-Superintendent Craig Creller, and, after several executive sessions, the school board voted to renew Creller’s contract.

While Ford led day-to-day operations, Creller technically remained at Ashford School until the end of September under a revised contract, and Ford’s appointment as interim head was renewed at the time of the official Creller left.

Creller begins his role as superintendent of Ashford School, which serves a pre-kindergarten through eighth grade student population, on July 1, 2021.

Ford, who earned his bachelor’s, master’s and sixth year degrees from, respectively, Merrimack College, Simmons College and Sacred Heart University, began teaching at Ashford in 2004 in special education. He was named assistant principal of Ashford School in 2013, and then became director of student services in 2015. He will now serve as both superintendent and director of student services.

“I will continue in my position as director of student services with the addendum to my contract as Superintendent,” Ford told the Chronicle. “My director position is in the first year of the contract, so the addendum will remain in that contract until 2025. I will be in the building full-time and will handle tasks for both positions as they come up. I have an amazing team around me that makes this dual position manageable. I feel like this is a true team approach, working with the town, community members and all staff and faculty to advance our student.”

Ford has also been a resident of Ashford since 2005.

“I am honored to be superintendent in a community where I have dedicated my career and a place I have called home,” Ford said. “The most rewarding part of my job is the outpouring of support, and the ability to work with the Ashford community to improve our school while being fiscally responsible in today’s challenging economy.”

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