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Ford F-150 Lightning prices are on the rise again

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Ford F-150 Lightning prices are on the rise again. The US automaker is raising the starting cost of the electric pickup by $4,000, bringing the new entry price to $55,974. That’s a 40 percent increase over the electric vehicle’s initial starting price in May 2021.

said Ford CNBC now that it is changing pricing “as a normal course of business due to rising material costs, market factors, and ongoing supply chain constraints.” Raw material costs of nickel, cobalt and lithium — essential in electric car batteries — have risen along with EV demand.

By the end of November, Ford had sold just 13,258 F-150 Lightning units, but that number was a reflection of supply constraints rather than low demand (in contrast, the truck is still a hot commodity). The company plans to boost production to 150,000 units next fall – and it said earlier this week it was still on track to meet that goal. It recently added a third shift of workers at a Michigan production plant to help meet that goal.

Ford is the second largest American seller of electric vehicles (behind Tesla), and the F-150 Lightning is the best-selling electric truck. Considering that Ford F-series trucks have been the best-selling vehicles in the US for three decades, customer loyalty appears to carry over to EVs. Earlier this year, Engadget’s Roberto Baldwin took it for a test drive and commented on how much it felt like a standard F-150.

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