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A Ford F150 Lightning and a Kia Niro EV are being used to operate a dealership in Northern California after a recent earthquake.

After a major earthquake damaged and disrupted infrastructure in Northern California earlier this week, electric vehicles with vehicle-to-charge technology were brought in to supplement power at a local dealership. As reported by AutoEvolutionthe dealership, Harper Motors in Eureka, CA, announced on their Facebook page that the 2 EVs allow them to remain open and service customers.

As reported by CNN, the 6.4 magnitude earthquake that struck Humboldt County was a devastating force, and so far, it has killed two people and injured countless others. However, thanks to electric vehicles with vehicle-to-load technology, businesses and emergency services do not need to be completely disconnected after the event.

Ford and Hyundai/Kia have led the charge in vehicle-to-load technology in recent years, adding it to countless vehicles, including the Genesis G80 EV, Hyundai Ioniq 5, and Ford F150 Lightning, to name a few. Ford has continued with its technology, allowing customers to use their F150 Lightings as home backup generators, and more legacy brands are following suit with their offerings in the near future.

This is far from the first time electric and electric vehicles have been used to help people after environmental disasters. Last year, Ford sent a group of Ford F150s with vehicle-to-load equipment to Western Kentucky after a massive tornado hit the state. And lately, as cold weather develops across the United States, many people are relying on their EVs to keep their homes nice and warm during the holiday season.

During emergencies like the one seen in Northern California this week, the power of electric vehicles is on full display. And in turn, customers and automakers are seeing how powerful a tool vehicle-to-load and vehicle-to-grid technology can be.

Hopefully, useful features like V2L will help customers transition to electric vehicles in the coming years and could, in turn, lead to a cleaner and more sustainable transportation system for to everyone. And with more EVs coming to market in the new year, car buyers will have more choices than ever.

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Ford and Kia EVs keep the lights on after California earthquake


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