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An article reported that NHS health workers in Scotland were offered pay rises of “between 5% and 11%” depending on grade. At Holyrood most have been offered a rise in this range by the government, while for some it is less, with a 2% rise in the highest grade (if you talk about pay we’ll suspend strike: Health Union, 11 December, p1).

At the age of 20, Peter Brook directed Paul Schofield King John At the Birmingham Rep, not “as Hamlet”, as one article put it – although he would direct Scofield in that role 10 years later at London’s Phoenix Theater (2022 obituary: Peter Brook, 11 December, New Review, p17) .

Proponents of the Suprematism art movement of the early 20th century are usually described as Suprematists, not “supremacists” as we regretfully described the avant-garde artist Kazimir Malevich (Ukraine’s Warrior Librarian, December 4, Observer Magazine, p20).

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