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A 2D Action-Enjoyment

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Kelowna, CanadaDecember 19, 2022– Independent game developer Aiden W Flying Guard is now on Android, itch.ioa GameJolt for $2.79 USD.

Flying Guard It’s a 2D single-player adventure game with action mechanics that features a short story told through cutscenes and gameplay.

The game will feature a big sale starting on December 25th on all platforms that are currently available.

The concept encompasses a variety of species that are bound by their protective nature.

Flying Guard can play offline without internet. It will soon be released on iOS as well.

A free demo of the game is available on Android and


  • It is a single player game.
  • Mechanics work.
  • A short story, presented in cutscenes and gameplay.
  • The game can be played offline without internet.

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For Aiden W.
Aiden W. (developer and current business name) is a modern video game and software developer. He likes to create video games with interesting stories and games, to keep the interest of the player until the end of the journey. Action-Adventure is the main genre he focuses on. However, Aiden is thinking of getting involved in the dangerous mode once in a while.