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Everything Only The Track Does 2023 Ford GT Mk IV Very Special

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Motoring enthusiasts around the world know that the 2023 Ford GT Mk IV is set to be one of the most powerful and impressive American supercars ever built. With its sleek design, incredible performance, advanced technology and top-notch craftsmanship, it’s no wonder why everyone can’t stop talking about this amazing ride from the Blue Oval. From industry insiders to everyday fans of American muscle cars – we’re all waiting with anticipation for what Ford has in store with their latest top-of-the-line offer Now that its upcoming release is fast approaching, let’s take a look at some details about exactly what makes this piece of automotive engineering excellence so special!


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Paying Tribute To The Original FORD GT MK IV

The 1966 1,2,3 Ford Publicity Photo

The 1966 1,2,3 Ford Publicity Photo

First, a little history lesson. In 1966, the 24 Hours of Le Mans took an unexpected turn. Spectators were amazed when the three Fords finished first, second, and third – an impressive feat for American cars, ending Ferrari’s dominance! To commemorate their big win, Henry Ford II staged a publicity moment lost in history: a photo that captured all three cars crossing the finish line almost simultaneously.

After a thrilling 360-lap race, the #1 car of Ken Miles and Denny Hulme crossed the finish line alongside the #2 car of Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon. Despite both cars completing the same number of laps, due to the earlier starting position, team #2 was declared to have gained more ground, so they were awarded 1st prize! Sadly this meant that Ken missed out on his chance at racing immortality as he gained fame by achieving enduring triple crown victories: Daytona, Sebring & Le Mans.

1967 GT40 Mk IV
Attribution: Jaydec at en.wikipedia

1967 GT40 Mk IV

“The original GT Mk IV pulled no punches for max track performance, and the modern Ford GT Mk IV takes it the same way,” said Mark Rushbrook, global director, Ford Performance Motorsports. “With a higher level of motorsport engineering and performance, together with an all-new carbon fiber body that is functional and eye-catching, the Mk IV is the ultimate sendoff of the third-generation supercar.”

In 1967, Ford Motor Company’s Mark IV car equipped with a 500-horsepower V8 engine lapped the 24 Hours of Le Mans circuit at an average speed record of 135.48 mph. The MK IV was victorious by crossing the finish line more than 32 miles ahead of second place. Drivers Dan Gurney and AJ Foyt managed speeds of up to 200mph on its legendary straights.

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The Modern-Day Ford GT MK IV Doesn’t Comply

Ford GT Mk IV

Ford GT Mk IV

Fast forward to today and Ford Performance and Multimatic have taken the track-only Ford GT to a whole new level with their revolutionary model, the Mk IV. With a unique body design, a powertrain boasting an 800+ horsepower twin-turbo EcoBoost engine, a racing transmission and improved aerodynamics, and a longer wheelbase for improved handling dynamics specifically tailored to high-performance driving – this is a car that can dominate any race track or outright.

With its hunkered-down styling, the redesigned car is sure to turn heads. Its aero-focused features – such as an impressive rear wing and diffuser, carbon fiber roof scoop, front canards, and grand splitter – make the GT MK IV as powerful under the hood as it really is! Cooled by larger side air intakes for increased performance in all conditions, everything about this ride says “let’s go!”

The Ford GT MK IV features an incredibly advanced racing transmission and groundbreaking suspension technology. The innovative Multimatic Adaptive Spool Valve (ASV) suspension allows the driver to choose their ride height as well as adjust the spring rate and damping for ultimate control when on the track.

Normal driving mode has the vehicle sitting 4.7 inches off the ground. In Track Mode, you can take it up to 2.75 inches or just raise the front nose, so nothing gets in your way! The fact that the 2023 Ford GT MK IV is not street legal is what sets it apart from previous variants. By not following road car regulations, engineers had more freedom during development.

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A Limited-Run Track Only Beast That Will Cost You A Pretty Penny

2023 Ford GT Mk IV

A top-view shot of a 2023 Ford GT Mk IV

In total, just 67 of the 2023 Ford GT MK IV cars will be built, each with a starting MSRP of $1.7 million as a tribute to the Mk IV and its historic 67′ victory at Le Mans. As with the current-generation GT, those interested in buying one must apply and be selected, a process expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2023 before production begins in late spring. Sales and service for this vehicle will be handled by Multimatic.

With its unique twin-turbo EcoBoost engine, racing transmission, aero-focused exterior design, and longer wheelbase chassis with more on-track handling, the 2023 Ford GT MK IV by Ford Performance and Multimatic is the most extreme track- only Ford GT ever. . This AMERICAN SUPERCAR knows no bounds in performance and exceeds the expectations set by any previous Ford GT. Check out the video below to see the Ford GT MK IV in action on the track!


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