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Almost six years into the life of the Nintendo Switch, the market for third parties continues to grow from strength to strength, and 8BitDo is one of the best companies to lead the charge. If you love retro gaming and want a reliable d-pad for games like Tetris, or the Capcom Fighting Collection, then the 8BitDo Pro 2 is your best choice, a retro controller -styled beautifully in a large wall with interesting things to compliment that. nice d-pad.

Well, it looks like 8BitDo is aiming to corner the pro controller market with its latest release, but has the company succeeded? It’s ours 8BitDo Ultimate Controller review Here’s everything you need to know, but first, yes, it does feature the same d-pad. Priced at $62.99 / £59.99, this clearly targets the same market as the previous version of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, and features a similarly thick but stylish design.

However, there are some good features that help the 8BitDo Ultimate Bluetooth controller to distinguish itself from the official competition, including the ability to work with Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, iOS, and Android games. It’s very easy to switch between using the switch on the back of the controller, and out of the box, it comes with a 2.4ghz dongle if you want to avoid Bluetooth. It is very easy to set up with Nintendo Switch by placing the USB dongle in the port of Switch, which allows a faster connection speed with less lag for all the competitors out there.

The original controller comes in black or white, although we were given the black version for review. It’s comparable in weight to the Switch Pro Controller, but it has a rough texture on the back that’s meant to help you hold it, though thankfully, it’s also comfortable to rest on. The 8BitDo Ultimate Controller also features customizable rear paddles, but more on that later. If you mainly use it for Switch, there is support for vibration and motion controls, but there is no NFC connection here, sadly.

8BitDo Ultimate Controller review: a close up of the ultimate 8BitDo controller

The curves come out in a convex shape, and the back is more active. The D-pad is the same as the one mentioned on the 8BitDo Pro 2, which means it feels good to press in, with a large amount of pop. It seems to work more consistently and accurately than the Switch Pro controller d-pad, which has been a bit of a bummer for me.

In general, the Ultimate feels good in the hands and has enough weight to feel solidly built, but comfortable for long gaming sessions. It’s very similar to the Switch Pro Controller and I’m sure in terms of design, but that textured back and the difference in the d-pad make a huge difference, not to mention the addition of the rear row buttons. . Analog sticks feel good, stay small in the controller, but they have a good quality to prevent excessive movement.

One of the main selling points here is that the 8BitDo Ultimate controller comes with a handy USB-C charging dock. The charging pins are located on the bottom of the controller, making it very easy to put it back in the case when you’re done playing. I plug it into the USB slot on my Switch, and it reboots when it’s done. Although I haven’t actually tested the battery life, 8BitDo says it features a 1000mAh rechargeable li-on battery, with about 22 hours of playtime after two to three hours of charging. This was worth my time with it, even after switching between apps.

8BitDo Ultimate Controller review: a close up of the black 8bitdo dock

Another thing that sets the 8BitDo Ultimate Controller apart is the Ultimate 8BitDo software. If you add your editor to a Windows program, you can open the suite and program up to three different pages for the editor. Here you can set the functions of the rear paddles, assign turbo inputs (good if you want to mash A in Pokémon or Animal Crossing), or program macro inputs if you want to provide complex shortcuts.

For example, if you want to assign a complete key combination for a fighting game to one click of a button, you can. This can be done in the Ultimate Software, so although some drivers allow you to lock the connection on the gamepad itself, you can’t do it here.

In the Ultimate Software, you can change the strength of the vibration, the type of the trigger (how far back you need to push the trigger to register an input), the button full button, and the precision of the analogue stick. If you jump between playing games on your Switch to shooters on your smartphone, it’s easy to have all your settings waiting for you on the controller, even though it’s visible. each page by pressing a button on the face of the. self-regulator.

It’s up to everyone how much they can get out of this, but with the focus on the device itself, this can be a great choice for competitive gaming, or for those looking to take it easy. in their game. However, for those who only use Switch, the actual layout of the home and icon buttons isn’t exactly where you’d like it to be, with the home button at the top and center of the controller’s face. and the picture button. below. Obviously, you can’t move the buttons, but it’s very easy to change the map to something else if it suits you.

8BitDo Ultimate Controller review: close-up of the 8BitDo Ultimate white box, compatible with 2.4ghz dongle

In fact, when I actually played with the controller, it felt great. I reviewed the GuliKit King Kong Pro 2 software recently, and it is a third-party simulation driver. I would say that the 8BitDo Ultimate Controller is better in handling, thanks to the quality of the controller and the materials used. It doesn’t feature the NFC support of the GuliKit, but I don’t think that’s a deal breaker for most people.

The Ultimate also uses a house effect technology very similar to the analogue sticks in the Gulikit King Kong Pro 2, which promises to eliminate drift thanks to the magnet base technology. The answer is true, although it is difficult to test for drift after only a few weeks. I tried Ultimate with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (that has a lot of new music), Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Monster Hunter Rise on Switch, Vampire Survivors on iPhone and iPad, and Genshin Impact on iPad as well.

In any case, the response time seems good, and the controller does not miss an input. The d-pad is more reliable than a Switch Pro Controller, and anyone who uses the 8BitDo Pro 2 will be happy to have this. It’s probably the best d-pad on the market for Switch, so those who really care about their retro games will enjoy it. Packed with a device that is now considered to be better than the 8BitDo Pro 2, and many other functions in the controller, the dock, and the included USB 2.4ghz dongle, and this is the best editor released by 8BitDo. .

8BitDo Ultimate Controller review: a top-down view showing the 8BitDo Ultimate controller next to Nintendo Switch devices.

If you have 8BitDo Pro 2, the Ultimate is more difficult, but for those looking to get a suitable editor for Nintendo Switch that works with Windows, iOS, or Android, the 8BitDo Ultimate currently one of the best third parties on the market. The packaging is beautiful and efficient, responsive, comes with a handy (and sleek) dock, and for those who want to get into the jungle of installation control, the Ultimate Software is a dream.

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller feels very cheap, but if you keep the d-pad, rear pad inputs, turbo or macro controls, or use the 2.4ghz connection with others, this is very true. no-brainer. The 8BitDo Ultimate is the best editor in a long line of great editors, and for the price, it’s a great choice for the gamer out there.

8BitDo Ultimate version control software

A beautiful, stable, and responsive controller with the best d-pad in the business. It comes with a handy dock, and a bunch of custom work options; 8BitDo Ultimate is currently one of the best third-party driver options for Switch and mobile, so it should be on every gamer’s radar.



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