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As the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) continues to evaluate Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, public sentiment appears to be on Microsoft’s side, with nearly 75% of public comments in favor of the merger.

The CMA invited the public to share their views on the Microsoft Activision Blizzard merger as part of its investigation into the pending acquisition. The CMA revealed that it had received more than 2,100 emails during this phase and that “about three-quarters were broadly in favor of the merger and about a quarter were broadly against the merger.”

Among the responses received and shared as part of its briefing to the CMA were “Sony and Nintendo are stronger than Microsoft in console gaming, and the merger will help Microsoft compete more closely against them;” Includes views like and “The merger is a reaction to Sony’s business model for PlayStation, which has historically involved getting exclusive content or early access to popular cross-platform gaming franchises such as Final Fantasy and Silent Hill.”

Opinions of people against the merger included responses such as “Microsoft already dominates PC operating systems, and this merger is an attempt to gain an equal footing in gaming,” and “This would be the biggest merger in gaming history, paving the way. Take two, For a possible string of future acquisitions of publishers like EA, Ubisoft, thereby increasing concentration in the market.”

The UK opened its inquiry to public comment in October after completing the first two phases of its investigation into the Microsoft-Activision merger. The CMA plans to continue gathering evidence and publish provisional findings ahead of a final report which is still months away.

Meanwhile, the deal is under continued scrutiny as the US FTC announced plans to sue to block the acquisition, calling the deal harmful to competition in “high-performance gaming consoles and subscriptions”.

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