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5 must-have apps for your new Android phone or tablet

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If you’ve got a new Android device in your life, a self-indulgent hobbyist (or a generous family member), you’re going to need some apps.

Gone are the days when Android couldn’t garner the same level of quality or selection as Apple’s iPhone App Store.

There are millions of apps in the Google Play Store to choose from. And while there is a lot of garbage – Android has its fair share of grain.

We’ve selected some of our favorite apps for you to try this Christmas.

Common content is provided – we recommend that you download the likes of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and WhatsApp. Maybe TikTok.

But there are a lot of great gems that you haven’t heard of.

Download one, two or all of them to turn your new Android phone or tablet into a 21st century Swiss Army Knife of action.

Heihei Top Class: World Tour

Heihei Top Class: World Tour

Race it (Image: Google Play Store)

Remember when you were a kid and pushed the toy cars between and across the flat surfaces you could see? You may be making ‘vroom, vroom’ noises, or a parent or carer may have objected to you moving your car a little. as well almost table decorations.

The fact that this childhood lesson is a fun thing that game developers did ten years ago, with the result being the Table Top Racing app.

It’s quirky enough but dragged and shallow. Table Top Racing World Tour is the best. Everything has been updated, from the Mario Kart-style weapons at your disposal to the tracks of the giants you hunt around.

And the entire industry is comfortable with in-app purchases.

£2.49, download here.



Set a new year’s resolution (Image: Google Play Store)

If your New Year’s resolution involves better company, then you can do it with Asana.

Of course, we can probably do it with Asana. As programs go, there are fewer competitors, and you can follow individual and group programs and hit goals faster.

It has endless connections, features, and settings, so your work life can be organized just the way you want it.

For free, download here.

Adobe Lightroom Photo & Video Editor

Adobe Lightroom

It can be used by everyone from amateurs to professionals (Image: Google Play Store)

Adobe Lightroom has become a valuable tool for professional photographers, but over the years it has become more and more popular with amateurs.

Now Adobe has accepted this trend and taken care of the amateur market by dividing its software into two new domain names.

There is also a non-registration option that allows you to use powerful photo and video editing tools, developed by Adobe over the years, although it is a first-time user app.

For free, download here.



Not just for creative gamers (Image: Google Play Store)

Talk of dungeons and goblins might make you think this strategy game is only for die-hard fans. You may be wrong.

Pawnbarian is a timeless add-on program based on survival-mode play in the original but time-honored and time-honored game of chess. The resulting game can keep you busy for hours on end, with bonuses available for the most avid players.

For free, download here.

Read together

Read together

A bright and exciting way to read (Image: Google Play Store)

Read Along is designed to teach children to read, and can be used without parental supervision, as it is safe, easy to navigate and highly engaging.

The idea here is that children can read stories from the collection of great stories (around the world) of the app. The app listens, and detects what was read incorrectly.

Read Along mixes things up by providing a variety of mini-games, including time-based vocabulary exercises, and quizzes – but fun ones, of course!

It’s free and, since no internet connection is required, you can take it with you wherever you go!

For free, download here.

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