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5 blockchains with sparkling TVL including Arbitrum, Aptos

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Trust us: Regardless of your political persuasion, you won’t want to miss seeing this amazing Donald Trump NFT collection.

The perfect sock for Web3 conservatives

Former US President Donald J. Trump released his first Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection, and we think his fans and critics will all agree: They’re everything you’d expect from Don.

“These are like baseball cards, but you collect them digitally, on your computer or phone,” according to CollectTrumpCards.com.

Each Polygon-based NFT costs $99 and can be purchased with fiat via credit card or using ETH dollars. NFT holders have a chance to win dinner, drinks or a round of golf with Trump himself, or physical and digital collectibles. If you buy 45 NFTs, you get a ticket to a gala dinner in South Florida with Trump.

Without further ado, here are the five worst NFTs from the collection:

5. Statue of Liberty

O beautiful for the vast sky

It’s classic, it’s patriotic, it’s … wait, did Trump pave New York Harbor?

Well, landlocked Ellis Island makes it easy to get around the Statue of Liberty!

It’s always morning in America when Trump winks at you and gives you two thumbs up.

4. Shady Astronaut

The perfect gift for the Republican relative who can’t remember that Trump was the 45th President of the United States.

Looking past the stylized stars and stripes and the background glare of … we don’t know — Trump’s ki? … this NFT features remarkably faithful adherence to the new NASA spacesuits released during Trump’s tenure in the White House.

We’re guessing Trump will ditch the sunglasses when he puts on a real helmet. (Or, hell, maybe not!)

3. Black Hat Ops

Good trigger discipline from the former president

OK, this is where it starts to get difficult. What’s more manly: tactical military gear or bad western clothing?

He is Trump. Put it in both. (And give him a shotgun, stat!)

Yes, we’re sure Trump realizes that a black cowboy hat detracts from the overall effectiveness of the camouflage. But face it: Trump isn’t going to hide from anyone anyway.

2. Larger than life

Put your helmet back on so you can breathe, sir!

Standing at 6 feet 3 inches tall, Trump is quick to remind doubters that he is a tall human being. But, yes, this NFT might exaggerate its height just a bit.

Of course, it could be a metaphor for his intention to dominate planet Earth and wear the moon as a halo (or else!).

And since it’s space, Trump brought back the sunglasses. The images of the Top Gun style flight suit are really just art decoration at this point.

1. Here’s what happens if you don’t vote for me

Yes… He has to practice.

Trump is apparently so into this NFT collection that he has fucking laser beams shooting out of his fucking eyes.

Sensible shoes? To check. A purple-orange dichromatic background filter? To check. Are you standing in front of the “Trunk Tower”? To check.

Trump’s chiseled abs straining against superhero spandex put Frank Miller’s nightmares to shame. Oh, and if you don’t vote for Trump the next time he’s on the ballot, you could probably be sublimated by a blast of his heat vision.

If, like us, you can’t get enough of these Trump NFTs, visit CollectTrumpCards.com to see more, including a video featuring Trump.

We agree, Mr. President.


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