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In this era of graphically demanding games, it’s easy to see why pixel art games appeal to many people as they tend to be low resolution or use the full power of a device. Their simple and pixelated aesthetic gives off a retro vibe that provides endless fun, giving them an edge over other games. It doesn’t matter if you have a low-end or high-end phone, these pixel art games are designed to bring fun to players of all types, anytime, and anywhere they go.

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With that said, we have compiled a list of the best pixel art games available on Android and iOS. So, if you’re looking for the best mobile game to play, check out our list below, enjoy the unique graphics and discover what pixel art games have to offer!


5/5 Super Cat 2 Story

Alex the cat from Super Cat Tales 2 is flying.

Super Cat Tales 2 is a fun and simple platformer game where you play as a cute cat. Join your feline friends on a thrilling adventure to defend Catland from an evil army invading your home. You will find yourself navigating challenging obstacles, collecting tools, unlocking new items, exploring different locations, and discovering the hidden secrets of the cat world.

Its bright, colorful, and detailed graphics will leave you with an exciting and fun gaming experience. Its effect in the game adds a new look with a retro design that puts you in control of these beautiful creatures while driving ships, swimming in the blue ocean, and driving super cars to defeat evil. The beautiful pixel art perfectly depicts the amazing world of these super cats. Start your cat meow adventure!

4/5 Warspear Online

The underwater world in Warspear Online

Warspear Online has all the modern MMORPG elements that could be asked for but with that old school flair that gives the game a unique appeal. Join millions of players in real time and show your skills by fighting them on the field or make an alliance and defend your castle, face wild monsters , and finally restore peace in the land of Arinar. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable adventure in the amazing world that Warspear online has to offer.

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Pixelated graphics and visual effects make Warspear Online stand out over the years as more demanding games. This is because its simple artwork is the only thing that attracts many players to the game. As you slide your way around the fantasy world, you won’t have to worry too much with hyper realistic animations or be hurt by those low quality images. Warspear Online is just the right graphics guide to achieve that creative experience and beautiful gameplay.

3/5 Elon

Elona is located in the middle of the city.

Elona is a roguelike game that takes you on a journey through the dangerous land of North Tyris. You’re given the chance to unleash your wild imagination, explore the wide world, and build the creative life you’ve always dreamed of. Connect and experience different lifestyles – A strong nurse dedicated to fighting for the rest of the world, a retired farmer who enjoys planting all day, or a chef love to experiment with different types, and enjoy the delicious dishes you make. Be happy with the things that don’t allow you to follow your desired path.

The open world of Elona is cleverly designed and presented with colorful graphics and dialogues that make the game even more enjoyable. The combination of great gameplay and visually pleasing style will leave you hooked and wanting to see more of what the game has to offer. Start planning your destiny today!

2/5 Harvest town

A man standing in the middle of a farm in Harvest Town.

Have you ever thought that you could escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the comfort of life in the countryside? If yes, then playing farming simulator games like Harvest Town is the perfect way to get that much needed break and experience the taste of farm life. Take the job of farming and start building your farm from the ground up. Test your farming knowledge and skills, and prove to everyone that you have what they need to survive in the country.

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The real RPG elements of Harvest Town and the simplicity of its 8-bit graphics allow players to focus and appreciate the game, while they can enjoy the relaxing scenes and scenes. of farm life through their shields. From colorful flowers to colorful 2D sprites and unique lighting effects, Harvest Town combines the perfect combination of fantasy and reality.

1/5 7 Years From Today

Different models from 7 years from now

If you like games with great stories, buckle up and get ready for a run of ideas 7 Years From Now. The game begins with Haruto, the main protagonist, waking up from a dream that promises to meet an unknown girl in a specific place. Is this a simple dream or something more? With the seven-year mark approaching, join Haruto’s journey to uncover the mysterious and confusing events that are happening in his life.

Despite having a simple pixelated art style, the story 7 Years From Now will make you feel like you are playing an animated TV series. In addition, it fills and expands the ideas of each scene. What are you waiting for? Guide Haruto to find the answers to his dreams before it’s too late!

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